Should We Tip The Other Hair Stylist?

Getting haircuts is sort of a family affair for us.  I found a place I like and we started taking Little Boy Beagle there as well.  Eventually, we figured it’d make sense that we both go at the same time.  So, we do, and my wife comes along as well.

Last time we were there, the place was not busy, and while I was getting my hair cut, the other stylist that was there started entertaining Little Boy Beagle.  They had a mini basketball hoop (it was the end of March Madness) in the back, and she was shooting hoops with him and just having fun.

I tipped the lady that did our hair, but I didn’t tip the other lady, the one that was entertaining Little Boy Beagle.  I wondered afterward if I should.  On one hand, we didn’t ask her to keep Little Boy Beagle busy, and had she not, my wife would have been just fine with it.  But on the other hand, she did go out of her way for us and I think he had some extra fun as a result.

I almost think next time, if the circumstances were to play out, I might give her a couple dollars, but I’m not sure what is the best way to go.  What do you think is good tipping etiquette here?