Tipping On Carryout Orders – Yay Or Nay?

Lines on credit card receipts for tips have popped up everywhere.  It used to be that sit-down service was the only place where a tip applied.  Now, that is not so much.  Tipping on carryout orders is now a fairly common practice.  At least, if you believe how often the tipping lines appear.

So, what is the expectation for tipping on carryout orders?

tipping on carryout orders
Tipping on carryout orders is more common now than ever.

The Case For Tipping On Carryout Orders

While some would say that restaurants are being greedy looking for tips on carryout orders, many workers would likely disagree.

In many cases, workers are dedicated to the carryout section of a restaurant.  There is a local pizza place that we love, but we’ve started doing carryout only.  It’s so popular that waits for tables are usually at least 30 minutes, even on the least busy day of the week.  So, the solution is to purchase carryout.

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Have You Ever Tipped On A Carry-Out Order?

The answer for me was no, until recently.

For our anniversary, we didn’t do anything extravagant, which is pretty tough anyways when the day falls on the middle of the week, with a two year old and a two month old.  So, we used a coupon (always saving!) to get a carry-out special from a really good place for pizza, salad, and a loaf of bread.

We’ve dined at the restaurant and the food has been nothing short of spectacular.  We’d never gotten pizza, but we were sure it had to be good.

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