Help For Families Who Want to Save Money on Utility Bills

Staying warm in the winter is a priority for everyone, not just vulnerable groups like the elderly and infirm.

When you are cold and can’t get warm, life can feel pretty miserable. But with the financial pressures that millions of households around the country are feeling, for some a choice has to be made between putting food on the table or switching heating on, the so-called ‘heat or eat’ debate.

In a developed nation, it is outrageous that so many households don’t have enough money for both food and heating, yet this is a situation many find themselves in. And with the recent increases in the cost of energy, the numbers are only set to climb.

But the price of energy has risen so sharply that it’s not just those with a low income who are struggling. There are many households all over the country which are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for all of their basic essentials, such as rent or mortgage, council tax, food, heating and travel to work.

Doorstep and payday lenders have thrived in the current climate with individuals borrowing money at extortionate rates of interest, not to pay for emergency costs, but simply to be able to afford their monthly essentials. This, in turn, causes an inescapable cycle of debt for many, unable to repay what they owe.

If your income is stretched to the very brink, it is absolutely essential that you work out a household budget which includes trying to make savings wherever possible. You may think you are spending every penny wisely, but unless you have taken the time to look around the market, the chances are you could be missing valuable opportunities.

Customer loyalty doesn’t pay

Householders are no longer restricted to using the energy provider for the local area and they have the choice of switching to the company which offers the best deal. However in reality, many people never bother to see if they could save money, assuming that it will be time-consuming and difficult to change provider.

You might be interested to discover that changing energy suppliers is a very simple step, something arranged between your existing and your new provider, once you give the go-ahead. It is therefore worth considering whether you are currently getting the best price possible.

We all like to think that loyalty is rewarded but, unfortunately, this is rarely the case when it comes to getting a good deal. Companies rely on the fact that few customers ever bother to shop around, so reserve their best packages and prices for new customers to lure them away from their existing provider. This means that if you are willing to switch, you could find yourself enjoying a hefty discount.

How you could save money on your household bills

But knowing where to start, particularly if you have never done it before, can seem almost impossible with an overwhelming choice of not just providers, but different tariffs to pick from.

The good news is that you don’t have to work it out on your own.

It can be surprising how much you can save by shopping around and even just a few pounds here and there can quickly add up, giving you the breathing room you need in your monthly budget.

Finding a better deal doesn’t have to take up all your time, so make sure you do your homework to get the best pricing you can.

Some content in this publication were provided by a guest author.