The Old Desktop Lives!

Last week I wrote about how the old desktop computer I’ve had for roughly eight years looked like it might be done.

Turns out, she’s got a little big of life left in her.

Thanks to my dad (thanks, dad!), who has a nice stash of computer equipment, I was able to get it up and running by replacing the video card.

There was a series of lights on the back of the computer that I had neglected to see, but as it turns out, actually gives you the code of the likely problem in the event of a system problem.  The light code pointed right to the video card.

The new card was a cinch to install and after downloading new drivers, I was back in business.

I think the computer is still on its way out, though.  The fan keeps getting noisier and noisier.  And after all this, one of my USB drives seemed to be conflicting with my wireless keyboard / mouse set, allowing only one or the other to work at a time.  Maybe I just need to play with the configuration of the cables. In any case, that’s not so much a big deal, and I can always move my backup procedures to another working computer.

Still, it’s nice to be able to extend the life just a little bit longer.  Knock on wood, but I’ve always had pretty good luck with electronic items around the house, with a TV running for fifteen years and counting, the aforementioned desktop on eight years, and a couple of laptops probably six and four years old that are holding up reasonably well.

What are your predictions on how much longer the old desktop has in it?  Any guesses?