If Something Looks Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

I use Google Reader to subscribe to most of my RSS feeds.  One of the feeds I have set up is the up and coming deals listed on Slickdeals.net.  There’s usually a couple hundred per day, so for the most part, I glance at them just to see what’s going on (though this is really fun to watch on Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

A couple of weeks ago, I saw one pop in right around the time I was checking for a TV deal.  It was a 42″ Vizio TV (good brand), refurbished, at Walmart, for $199.99.  You could buy a 4-year warranty for an extra $32.  Add in $12 in sales tax, and that would be a TV to use for four years for $243.99.  Sounded pretty slick to me!

I rarely buy on impulse but I figured, what the heck.  We put our cash back rewards into a fund for new TVs or other electronic purchases, and I knew I could find a spot for this.

But I also knew the likelihood of actually getting one of these TVs was pretty low.

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WalMart: Save A Few Pennies, Waste A Lot Of Time

The night before a recent camping trip, there were a couple of last minute things I wanted to get.  You’ll find out in an upcoming post, but one of the things that jumped out that I really wanted was an awning stabilizer kit.

I knew that Wal Mart had these, so I set off to the store right after the kids went to bed.

I figured it’d be a quick trip.

Man, I forgot all about what Wal Mart stands for.

Yes, you might pay less.  But, it WILL take you twice as long.

For some reason, the WalMart by our house prides itself on long lines.  I’m not sure why, but you can never get to a register without waiting at least 15 minutes.  No matter what time of day, that’s the story.

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