Treadmill Warranty Going S…L…O….W….

A couple of weeks ago I discussed how I had purchased an extended warranty for our treadmill that we purchased a couple of years ago.  The treadmill stopped working and a mis-aligned frame led the repair tech to determine that a replacement was required.

I had called on December 18th to find out what the next steps were.  They told me that they would need to gather all of the information from the tech and would then send me a packet outlining my options for replacement.

So far, I had heard nothing.  The warranty was from Universal Technical Services, or as they are more commonly known, UTS.

I called today, knowing that things were most likely slower for the holidays, but still hoping to get this moving.  I miss working out in the morning.

They told me that they had received all of the information but had not yet gotten to the review of replacement claims.  They said that it should happen soon, but the person I spoke to was unable to give me a better indicator.

I have a feeling that they are stalling to some degree. Although everybody is extremely pleasant and they are acknowledging things as they should be, the lack of action is starting to raise an alarm.  For now, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but if I still don’t hear anything in the next week, I will become a lot more concerned and more vocal.

Stay tuned…..