Things Do Happen In Threes, Just Ask The Water Froggies

Last month I wrote about how we need a new dishwasher soon as our current 13-year old machine has sprung a small leak.

We were alerted to the leak by a small water froggie device that I had placed under the machine.  A while back, I got six of them from Woot.  They’re as you might think, a small device that looks like a frog that beeps when the sensors on the bottom come in contact with water.

I put the six devices around the house.  Under the dishwasher, under the washer, next to the hot water tank (two), under the kitchen sink, and under the bathroom sink that gets used most often.

For now, the dishwasher is still running. I have a lid from a plastic bin that I put under the dishwasher that catches the small amount of water that comes out.  It actually evaporates pretty quickly, so although I check it every now and then, the leak hasn’t gotten any worse.  I’m hoping for another three months as I know there are usually pretty good sales on appliances around Memorial Day.

But, as it turns out, the water froggies have been busy!

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