Ways We Conserve Water….And Ways We Could Do Better

Today is Blog Action Day, one day a year where bloggers unite to discuss one topic.  This year’s topic is water.

I thought I’d take a few moments to talk about ways that the Beagle household works to conserve water:

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe don’t drink bottled water – Tap water is just fine for us.  Not only does this reduce our cost, but it reduces the footprint needed to create the plastic bottles, deliver them to the store, and recycle/dispose of them.
  • Watch our watering schedule – Many people set the sprinklers to run on a set schedule and forget about them for the rest of the year.  I hate driving around during a rainstorm and seeing lawn watering systems going crazy.  What a waste!  We monitor our watering schedule and manually turn the system off after it’s rained or when we know rain is coming.
  • Turn off our water while brushing our teeth – This is a small thing but I think of how many times we brush our teeth in a year and I realize that this can add up to thousands of gallons of water for our house alone.  Think if this was multiplied for every household in America.  The water savings would be astounding!

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