5 Benefits (I Guess) To A Wet And Cool Early Summer

I don’t know about anywhere else, but Michigan was pretty wet and cool from May to mid-June.  That’s late spring and early summer.  At least it is normally around here.  This year, it felt like we were about a month behind.  Only now, as of June 26th, are we coming to a stretch of mid-80s temps.  We usually have a good stretch on or near Memorial Day.  This has been a wet and cool early summer and spring.

The rain hasn’t been overwhelming in terms of volume.  In fact, we’re actually slightly below average in terms of the amount of rainfall we should have by now. Where we are really up there is the number of days it rained.  I think we had measurable rainfall for 25 of 31 days in May.  I haven’t checked June, but I’d guess at least half.

I always like to look on the bright side of things. Although we prefer a warmer and drier start to summer, I figured there must be a few benefits.  So, here’s my best shot at finding the silver lining in the (many) clouds.

Lower Water Bill

Usually I turn the sprinkler system on and start running it in early to mid May.  I manually turn it off when we get rain, but it still runs pretty regularly.  This year, I didn’t set it to run for the first time until this past weekend.  That’s over a month of saving on water bills.  That probably saved around $50 or so.

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Detroit Area Weather Has Officially Entered Bear Market Territory

I love tracking things.  Weather is one of the things that I’ve started to track.  I found a site where I could track historical data with information about every day starting in March 2005.  This has given a lot of information that I find interesting. By no means does this make me a meterologist, but I have noted quite a few interesting things as I compile the data and look through it.

Namely, that it’s been pretty warm.

Between 2005 and 2013, the average high temperature across the entire year ended up above average for every year.  Over that period, the average temperature was 1.57 degrees higher, with 0.2 degrees last year as the smallest difference versus 4.82 degrees in 2012.  That was a hot year!

I’ve noticed, though, that if the weather were the stock market, we’d officially be in ‘bear market’ territory.

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