What Do I Do With The Wrong Grill Hose?

Somewhere in the mid-1980’s my parents bought a grill.  They went pretty top of the line with a Weber Genesis 1000 grill.  My parents aren’t heavy grill users, but I remember quite a few meals cooked out on the grill.

Fast forward many years and the grill was still working.  Around the time we bought our house, I bought a cheap-o grill from Big Lots, so I knew I was not getting quality.  And quality we certainly did not get!

Within a couple of years, the entire grill started self destructing to the point where the low setting was ultra-high on most other grills.  Pieces were rusting, and it wasn’t long to see that this thing was better off in the scrap heap.

My parents still had ‘Old Faithful’ and offered it to us.  My dad replaced all of the grilling surfaces, and re-painted a lot of the surfaces.  We also put on some new knobs, and it was good to go.

The biggest issue we had with it over the few years we’ve had was when it caught fire during a family party we had.  Turned out a spider had built a nest in one of the pipes.  Spiders like propane and tend to do this.  This was causing a wee bit of gas to come out of a relief valve, and since it was gathering right next to the grill, it was hot enough to ignite.  After turning the propane off and leaving that burner off, we had no issues the rest of the party, and the problem was fixed by dismantling the pipe and cleaning it out with a pipe cleaner.

Bad spider!

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