Why You Should Always Have A Job While In College

Looking back, I had a variety of jobs in college, and I’m glad for every single one of them.  Here are a list of the jobs that I held at one point or another during my four years of college:

  • Tour Guide – Gave tours to potential incoming students.  Lots of fun and I always liked seeing familiar faces the following year.
  • Phone-A-Thon Rep – This only lasted a week or two, but we got to call alumni and bug them for money.
  • Computer ‘Lab Rat’ – Sat in one of the three computer labs that the college had, answered questions, did troubleshooting on basic problems, and acted as a deterrent to people overusing the printer.
  • Resident Assistant – My senior year, I was an RA on a freshman hall.  Man, did I feel old!
  • Paid Internships – I was in a program which required us to do two internships, one instead of taking classes for a semester (we made them up with a summer session) and another the following summer.  Both were paid.
  • Working back at home – My aunt and uncle owned a collectibles store, and if I was home for the holidays or for the summers where I wasn’t involved with internship activities, I’d work there.

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