Should I Give Greek Yogurt Another Chance?

This may sound strange, but I actually recall the first time I heard of ‘Greek yogurt’.  I don’t remember the exact date, but I was talking to some co-workers and was excited about the fact that our grocery store had a ‘store brand’ yogurt that was about 30-40% less in cost, yet tasted just as good.  A co-worker asked, “Do they have Greek yogurt?”

I stared blankly at her, and only afterward did I learn what it was.  As it turns out, they did not yet have Greek yogurt.

But, you’d better believe that they do now!

I’ve always been fairly dismissive of Greek yogurt.

  • I’ve tried it, and it never really did much for me.  I’ve always enjoyed yogurt, the kind that many people would consider “regular”, which was the standard sold before Greek became all the rage.  I have always enjoyed flavored yogurt, so the standard 6 ounce cups were fine for me.
  • I always believed that the transition to Greek yogurt was just another way to sell something at a much higher price, as Greek yogurt seems to be about 50-75% higher in price from what I’ve seen.

Recently, I’m starting to think that maybe I should give it another chance.  Here are the factors that have changed my mind:

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Healthy Kids Yogurt That’s Half The Price!

Little Boy Beagle loves his yogurt.  Every morning for the last year (he just turned two) as part of his breakfast, he has yogurt.

His yogurt ‘journey’ has taken a few twists and turns along the way, but he now gets yogurt that is yummy, healthy, and cheap.

Here’s how:

At First….

My wife got Stonyfield Organic yogurt.  She liked that it was organic.  It was also a pretty good deal as we could print coupons from their website when we needed it.

Then, they cut back on the number of cups you got, and the coupons were less available.

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Price Increase Alert: Yoplait Kids (Dora) Yogurt

Little Boy Beagle loves his yogurt.  It’s probably his favorite part of his breakfast.

So, my wife has gotten pretty familiar with their product especially buying it regularly.

Imagine our disappointment when she noticed that Yoplait has changed their product size and packaging which results in a dramatic price increase.

You used to get six 4-ounce cups for $2.29 regular price.

Now, for the same $2.29, guess what you get?

Four cups.  So, they’ve essentially taken away one-third of what you used to get and are charging the same?

But wait!  It gets better.

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