At What Point Does Declining Value Become A Concern?

I’ve had a few recent situations where I was presented with declining value in varying circumstances.  In each of the circumstances, which I’ve briefly outlined below, I pointed out the declining value through social media circles, and I was surprised to see the response by other followers.  Or, more exactly, the lack of response.

Halloween Fun At The Zoo

The Detroit Zoo holds an annual event called the Zoo Boo.  It actually stretches across most of October, and on Friday and Saturday nights, families can come and walk through a portion of the zoo where there is a corn maze, seasonal themed displays, an activities center, and some handouts of candy and other treats.  It’s pretty popular and we have gone for the last three years.  So, we were thinking about going again this year, when my wife pointed out two changes:

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How We Had An Amazingly Fun Weekend And Kept It Cheap

This weekend was a busy weekend at the Beagle household.  We didn’t have any one event that kept us busy, but we had a list of things to do that all turned out to be great fun for everybody, and even better news: it was all done cheap.

Friday Night Lights

Little Boy Beagle is three, and last fall I took him to a high school football game.  It was pretty overwhelming for him but he had a lot of fun.  I realized, with a little bit of guilt, that I hadn’t done that with him this year, and when I saw that the regular season for high school games was in its last week, I knew I had to jump on it.

The weather was a crisp, cool fall day.  Not a cloud in the sky which meant that it was cold, but we got to bundle up and head over.  My wife went out to run errands with Baby Girl Beagle, so it was just ‘the guys’.

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