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If given a choice, I rarely schedule work meetings in the morning.

And I get a little bit annoyed when people schedule meetings in the morning which I have to attend.


Because it cuts into the most productive time of the day.

When I start my day, I always make a list of things that I want to get done throughout the day.  As the day goes on, I will usually add to that list, but it gives me something to work toward.  If I'm working on one big thing, I'll typically even break that down into smaller tasks, so that I can have a sense of achievement throughout the day.

But, what I've found is that if I put together a list of thirty items, the standard results is roughly as follows:

7am – Noon

I'll get done 18-20 items off the list.

Noon – 4pm

I'll eat lunch here, but since I sit at my desk, I'll have opportunity to get stuff done.  But, during this time frame I'll typically get 6-7 items checked off.

This leaves me with a few things that I typically carry over, which is normally not a big deal if it's not a deadline type issue.

But I can get 3-4 items per hour complete in the morning, whereas I typically get 1-2 items per hour complete in the afternoon.

I don't view myself as inefficient or wasting time.  I just know that in the morning I can cruise.

And, since I'm not a big fan of meetings, seeing them often as a waste of time, I generally try to avoid them in the morning.

Instead, I'll schedule them for the afternoon when given a chance, since I know it won't be as much of a trade-off in how much I can complete versus if it takes a chunk of my morning.

Sometimes, they're unavoidable and you have no choice, but if I do have a choice, I'll almost always opt for the afternoon meeting.

What do you find is your most productive time of the day?  Do you try to use your productivity habits to your favor to increase your overall output?