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Your dream of owning a home has finally come true. Now you have a place to raise your family, one that’s warm, welcoming, and secure. But that security is something you have to create and maintain while the mortgage is being paid down. If you don’t keep up with the monthly payments, you put the home at risk of being lost. So you go to work and focus on your efforts to hold onto your home. But there’s always that thought of “what would happen if I die today?” It’s a normal thought to have, and the risk of you dying today are small, but you want to do something to provide security if you do.

A mortgage life insurance policy is one option, but it may not be the most optimal. It does pay the mortgage off, but there’s no other benefit outside of that. If you want your family to have financial security, you need to go further with a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy provides your beneficiaries with enough money to pay down the mortgage as well as cover debts that were left behind, such as a car note or schooling costs. And if there’s money left over, the family can do something nice for themselves if they like.

Check out the quiz from Health IQ below to learn more about the differences between mortgage life insurance and traditional life insurance. It’ll help you make the decision on which type of policy to take on in order to put the odds in your favor.