Terrible Costco Coupons Equals No Costco Trips This Month

December, it seems, is the holy grail of food months. Buying food, groceries, etc.  What better month to count on than December, right? So, if that’s the case, it’s really amazing that Costco is trying to shoot themselves in the foot with a terrible coupon insert.  The Costco Coupons book that we eagerly look forward to was a total dud..

As a result, we haven’t gone to Costco. Those two things go hand in hand, as it turns out.

Our Costco Coupons Habits

We have been Costco members since before we got married.  That means it’s been over ten years now.  Wow, does time ever fly!

During that time, Costco has always sent out a monthly coupon book.  For three weeks out of every month, members can enjoy savings on a handful of items. It’s always been a good mix of general merchandise, electronics, and food.  Until this month.  This month, Costco pretty much eliminated the food category.

We have about 12-15 regular items that we’ll buy with the coupons when they go on sale.  Actually, it’s probably a few more than that, because there are usually some that only go on sale around the holidays.  We look forward to those.

Except none of them were in the book this year.  Not a single one!

In fact they only had three food coupons in total.

Comparison Shopping

We are lucky to be in an area where we have both Costco and Sam’s Club in pretty equal fashion.  Where there’s one, mb-money201308chances are there’s the other within a mile.

We’ve always been loyal to Costco, but we heard a while back that Sam’s Club started offering coupons to members.  This piqued our interest.  We also saw that Sam’s had some pretty good sign up deals from time to time.  There were deals where you could buy a discounted membership (for the first year), plus receive additional free items and coupons.

These deals seem to happen a few times a year, and it honestly might be time to consider if Costco does not return to offering desirable coupons on everyday items.

Is Costco Going Too High End?

One of the things that I’ve noticed, and this latest coupon fiasco seems to affirm, is that they’re going after higher end consumers.  I’ve had my suspicions even on the food side, as they’ve gone increasingly to higher priced organic options.   I’m not sure that they think they make enough money from people who go in and buy coffee, spaghetti sauce, and the like.

Their latest coupon book, which eschews all of those things, instead has TVs, computers, and other gadgets.  It’s all high priced.  Maybe they’re only interested in selling those items.

If so, fine, but we’ll be out.  It’s not that we’re claiming poverty.  It’s that we buy everyday items because of the value and the occasional big ticket items.  It seems like they want their shoppers to do the reverse.

Winter Will Tell The Tale

We have the Costco Visa card and we have a good chunk of rewards money lined up.  The way that their rewards works is that you get a payout once per year, and it happens to be in February.  If you cancel your membership (along which cancels your card) anytime in between, you forfeit your earnings.

That’s not going to happen.

However, if we get our payout in February, and things have not improved on the coupon side of things, that might be time to make a clean break.

As it so happens, Sam’s Club also has a rewards credit card that offers similar category discounts.  Line that up with a cheaper membership and better coupons, and it might not be long before we’re noting ourselves as former Costco members.

I hope that doesn’t happen, but the clock is ticking.

Readers, what do you think of Costco?  Have you noticed a gradual shift away from lower priced items in their targeted strategy?  How does that fit in with you?  Any Sam’s Club members out there that can give some insight on how things are on the other side of the fence?  Please let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Terrible Costco Coupons Equals No Costco Trips This Month”

  1. I’m still a fan of Costco. I haven’t notices too much of a change. You can’t beat their return policy, and we save on glasses and RX there too.

    Have you ever seen the CNBC’s The Costco Craze: Inside the Warehouse Giant? It’s a few years old, but gives you some great insight on Costco.

    • Yes, I have seen it, VERY COOL and definitely worth a watch.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Costco, I just hope that as they try to continue to grow, that they don’t leave behind a good portion of their customer base that helped them to grow so big in the first place.

  2. Costco is only having coupons 6 times a year I would switch to Sams and get out new CEO took over in have seen a change already not for the good plus raising dues

  3. Yes I am very disappointed about the cut in the coupons and all the organic and some of the sizes when smaller for the same price glad I just purchased my TV at Best Buy was going to buy it at Costco what a shame he’ll drive it into the ground just like JC Penney CEO did and Sears like you the last six months was wondering what happened to the coupons with the food started asking people nobody wants to tell you the truth though

  4. When to Costco on Thursday when the coupons should have started notice the place was empty usually it’s Packed to find out there was no coupons this month you think they would have learned when JCPenney’s pulled the coupons nobody goes in there

  5. Long time Costco customer, can’t believe their price increases by going to “Organic” named products. If I wanted fake “Organic” I would go to some other store. As soon as I get my rewards cash I’m out of here!!!

    • I wonder if they’ll see a drop off after February. They seem to have a lot of people that probably stuck around to get their reward certificate but in addition to the reasons you mentioned, I know many weren’t very pleased with the transition to Visa for the credit card. It actually didn’t bother us at all but I know not everybody had a positive experience.

  6. Sam you said it perfect fake organic I believe they will see a big drop off this year A lot of people are disgusted with the changes things they discontinued price increases they took my naked drink that used to be 16 and now are only 12 for the same price along with many other things they’ve done

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