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The General Insurance ReviewIf you are a driver with a high-risk record, such as several driving infractions and a DUI, The General Insurance may be a welcomed venue for obtaining insurance required by law. This is in contrast to conventional auto insurance providers who typically charge higher premiums for higher risk drivers.

However, you will face a trade-off. The lower rates mean less revenue and profits to sustain an efficient claims service department for higher-risk drivers.

The General Insurance is good for:

  1. Drivers with high-risk profiles may not be able to obtain adequate insurance through conventional insurance underwriters
  2. A driver who prefers to manage and pay for their insurance policy over the Internet or over a mobile app
  3. A driver who has a history of auto accidents

The General Insurance is bad for

  1. Drivers with a clean driving record, no DUIs, and no accidents
  2. Drivers who want insurance from a company known for its efficient customer claims process

Drivers with a high-risk profile will discover that The General Insurance company offers affordable rates compared to other traditional insurers who base premiums on risk. The General can be the most cost-effective option for a high-risk driver. However, the General has several drawbacks. The company does not offer good discounts for good drivers, and the company has garnered quite a few negative online reviews. Even if you are a high-risk driver, you may eventually opt for a company that charges higher premiums to ensure great customer service and a streamlined claims process.

The General Insurance: Better Rates for Some Drivers, but Negative Reviews Across the Board

The General markets auto insurance that specifically targets high-risk drivers, which can include young drivers or those who have had multiple auto accidents. As an example, many insurance companies do not offer coverage for drivers who must carry an SR-22. However, if you need an SR-22, The General does offer that options during the quote process. If you answer yes to an SR-22 during the initial process, the company will include it with the policy, which means you can file the form quickly.

In contrast to other auto insurance companies, The General markets to the nonstandard car insurance customers, and they offer an online customer portal and mobile app to make managing your auto policy a breeze. Their online customer portal, MyPolicy, gives you several basic functionalities such as obtaining ID cards, making payments, and viewing policy details. These features are available with nearly every auto insurer, so they are not unique to The General. However, it does mean that some of the policy features offer similar benefits to larger insurance companies, like Geico and Farmers.

Drivers with a clean record will discover that they receive no particular benefit for that good driving with The General. In fact, they may be offered relatively high auto insurance premium rates. In addition, The General has no significant discount policies for good drivers and many poor customer service reviews. If you are a good driver, you will typically find lower premiums, better discounts, and greater customer service with another auto insurance company.

The General Insurance Review

The Conclusion

The General fills a gap in the auto insurance marketplace. It offers a viable choice for high-risk drivers who would have difficulty obtaining car insurance elsewhere. Since The General does not offer good-driver discounts, the company fills a niche that good drivers may prefer to avoid. However, your high-risk profile might get you some lower premiums with The General, however the service suffers due to those lower premiums and company cost cutting.

The General Insurance Coverage Options

You might recognize their commercials which feature Shaq. However, The General targets a very specific niche: high-risk drivers. Thus, it’s portfolio of optional insurance products is rather limited. However, the company does offer all of the most standard insurance coverage options found at large national insurers.

1. Deductible waiver and safety equipment

The General has a deductible waiver as an option that enables you to file a claim while forgoing the payment of a deductible for repairs on certain safety equipment. Currently, this waiver applies to windshields as well as window and door glass. If you choose not to have this optional coverage, you will pay the standard deductible for repairing these parts.

2. Rental reimbursement

You may opt for this coverage to reimburse you for rental car expenses if your automobile is involved in a covered accident. The coverage limits may vary depending on the type of car you own. Typically, your coverage will start at about $20 per day for up to 30 days. One big difference from other insurance companies: The General will let you opt for rental reimbursement only if you carry comprehensive and collision coverage. This is a restriction you will not find with most other auto insurers.

3. Custom equipment

You might add some customization to your car with aftermarket parts. If so, this option might work for you to protect your investment. You can opt to add a maximum $5,000 of additional coverage for custom parts and accessories like bed liners, fog lights, and camper shells. Just like other policy add-ons, The General offers this optional coverage only when you also obtain comprehensive and collision coverage.

4. 24/7 Roadside assistance

You may opt to add roadside service coverage, such as dead battery service, tire changes, towing or fluid delivery. Their roadside assistance is managed by Nation Safe Drivers (NSD). When you need roadside assistance, NSD provides one service per instance free of charge. The maximum tow distance is $50 or 15 miles, whichever is met first.

The General Offers Some Traditional Coverage Options

These include: medical payments coverage, uninsured motorist property damage, liability coverage, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

The General Insurance Review

The General Auto Insurance Discounts

The company offers some discounts, but relatively few in comparison to other large insurance companies. Even so, high-risk drivers can improve their rates with some discounts.

1. Double deductible

You may receive a lower premium for the first 45 days with a double deductible as an option. The auto insurance deductible returns to the normal level after the 45 day period. Many other insurance companies offer this.

2. Multicar

If you insure more than one vehicle with the company, you can receive a multi car discount

3. Homeowners

If you own your own home, you may receive a discount on your insurance

4. Paid in full

You can opt to pay the entire policy upfront to receive a discount

5. Previous insurance

You may be eligible for this discount if you had have other auto insurance within the past five years.

The General’s Auto Insurance Rates

If you fall into the high-risk driver category, you will likely discover that The General offers some of the lowest premiums available to you. If you fall into the safe driver category, you will likely find better premiums at insurance companies that target your market segment. When you take into account the discounts you could receive from other insurers, the difference becomes even more clear.

Typically, drivers with clean records find better premiums from other auto insurance companies. Keep in mind that even though The General has some of the cheapest auto insurance rates for higher-risk drivers, they will increase rates due to accidents, DUIs, or other infractions. In fact, The General may impose some of the largest rate increases in the market after an accident. You may start out with a lower rate, but if you add to your poor driving record, your rates will likely increase.

The Financial Health of The General Insurance Company

All the insurance in the world could be useless if the underwriter is financially bankrupt. You can be assured that The General has some food financial ratings indicating a financially healthy company. According to A.M. Best Rating Services, The General has an A rating. This is just under a AAA or AA, making it a company that should be able to continue to pay claims.

The General Insurance Online Reviews and Complaints

The tradeoff for lower premiums available to high-risk drivers is in the customer service. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the company had a complaint rating of 2.12. This is in comparison to a national median of 1.00. This means the company receives a significant number of negative ratings. In addition, many of the reviews complain about rate increases and poor claims processing.

The General Insurance Review

Auto Insurance is the Law

Carrying auto insurance is beyond a bright idea. It’s the law. Laws vary by state, but if you drive without auto insurance, you could encounter some serious penalties, including fees, traffic citations, a suspended driver’s license, a suspended vehicle registration and in some cases, imprisonment.

If you drive a car, it is imperative for you to obtain auto insurance. If you have a bad driving record, that can be difficult to do, even if it is required by law. This is the niche filled by The General. The auto insurance quote is free of charge.

What do they offer:

  1. Low monthly premiums.

    The General specializes in this market and strives to give you the right amount of coverage at a premium you can afford. The company allows you to select your own montly due date, so you can be assured that money wont’ be leaving your account on the wrong day.

  2. The initial process is easy

    . You can get a quote by calling the company. This is also a good time to have questions answered. When you sign up for insurance, you can get immediate proof.

  3. Forgiveness for a poor driving record.

    If your driving record has a few poor marks against it, you can still get a good quote compared to companies that avoid high-risk drivers.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

  1. Your car.

    If your car sustains damage in an auto accident, your car insurance can help cover the expenses for repairs. The General has a network of auto repair shops similar to other insurance companies. They can help you get back into your car as quickly as possible. Your policy may cover some rental car expenses as an option. You do pay a deductible, and if your automobile has sustained damage that is beyond repair, you may have help from The General to purchase a new car, depending on the options with your policy.

  2. Yourself

    . Medical bills can become overwhelming very quickly. Add to that auto repair costs, and you may feel the pinch. If you are injured in a car wreck, your policy may help pay for some long- or short-term medical care. Of course you'll also want to look at medical insurance plans with other companies since that coverage will come into play as well.

  3. Others.

    You may have other people that drive your car, or you may have passengers like family and friends riding along with you. If this is the case, you need added protection. Your General’s insurance policy may help protect your passengers. In addition, your policy may offer protection against uninsured motorists.

Finding insurance with a poor driving record is possible with The General. However, if you are good driver, you may find better rates and service elsewhere.

The market is filled with great auto insurance companies and we're help you find the right one for you. Check our reviews on State Farm car insurance, USAA car insurance, and Travelers car insurance.

If you're looking for a cheap alternative, consider a pay-per-mile option. Read our Metromile review to learn more.


General Questions About The General Car Insurance

We’ll answer your basic questions about The General in this section.

How long has The General insurance been in business?

The General was founded in 1963, so it’s been in operation for more than 56 years as of this writing.

What is The General insurance number?

You can reach the General Insurance on the phone by calling 866-519-7422.

What time does The General insurance open?

You can call the General 24 hours a day. You’ll need to check with your local office if you’re looking for hours for a specific location.

When did The General insurance start?

The General Insurance started in 1963 in Nashville, TN. That means they’ve been in operation for more than 50 years.

Did The General insurance raise their rates?

It’s possible – auto insurance rates are generally increasing across the company. However, your situation may be different. You should contact The General for more information.

How big is The General auto insurance?

The General is a fairly large insurance company. They operate in almost every state and specialize in high-risk drivers.

The General Auto Insurance Coverage

The General is best known for auto insurance. We’ll answer questions about The General’s car insurance in this section.

Can you get The General insurance in Michigan?

Not at this time – Michigan is one of the few states that The General doesn’t operate in.

Does The General offer full coverage insurance?

Yes, you can get comprehensive coverage from the General. In fact, if you’re financing or leasing your car, then you might be required to have comprehensive insurance.

What states does The General car insurance cover?

The General covers almost all states. You can get a complete list of states they cover by clicking on this link.

Does The General insurance cover motorcycles?

Not at this time – The General focuses on providing car insurance for people that have problems qualifying with other insurance companies. In the meantime you can use a motorcycle insurance cost calculator to estimate what your rates might be elsewhere.

Does The General insurance cover windshield replacement?

That depends on lots of different factors, including how the windshield was damaged and what kind of policy you have.

Can you get non-owners insurance The General insurance?

Not at this time – The General focuses on providing higher-risk drivers with the insurance they need to stay on the road, and doesn’t offer non-owners insurance.

Do you need license to get insurance with The General?

Yes – The General currently requires you to be a licensed driver in order to get insurance for your car.

Does my The General insurance cover rental car damage waiver?

That depends on your specific policy with The General – You’ll need to check with your exact policy agreement to be sure.

Does The General insurance cover salvage title cars?

Sometimes – it depends on your specific situation and the laws for the state where you live. You’ll need to contact them for more information.

Does The General insurance cover sr22?

Yes – The General offers coverage for SR22 drivers. You can find all the information you need about SR22’s on their website.

Does The General insurance offer road roadside assistance?

Yes – the General offers 24/7 roadside assistance to customers. You should check your policy to see what this assistance includes. This could help you with a flat tire though if you need new tires then take a look at options for cheap tires free shipping included.

Does The General offer 6-month insurance policies?

Yes – The General offers 6-month and 12-month insurance policies, as well as short-term insurance policies.

Does The General offer fr44 insurance?

Yes, The General does offer fr44 insurance. You can find the details on their website.

Does The General offer broad form insurance?

We couldn’t find any information about whether or not The General offers broad form insurance. This likely depends on individual state laws.

How to get full coverage with The General insurance?

You can get full coverage with The General by going online and getting a quote. When you’re filling out the information, make sure you include the different types of coverage you want.

How much does liability insurance cost at The General?

That depends on lots of different factors, including your driving history, car, state, and more. Broadly speaking, The General will be more expensive than other insurance companies because of their focus on high-risk drivers.

How many days can The General car insurance last?

The General will sell policies for up to 12 months – that means you can get an insurance policy from them for 365 days.

The General Auto Insurance Accounts and Payment

This section answers your questions about managing your accounts and payments with The General.

Is The General car insurance cheap?

Not usually – however it may be the cheapest option for many people. That’s because the company focuses on insuring drivers that other companies won’t work with.

Where to pay The General car insurance?

The best place to pay your car insurance bill with The General is to go online to your account. From there you can set up a payment method or even do automatic billing.

How much is The General car insurance a month?

The price of car insurance changes a lot state to state and even from driver to driver. You’ll need to contact them to get a quote for your specific situation.

Can I pay The General insurance with PayPal?

Not at this time – The General partners with NetSpend to help provide flexible payment options for customers.

Does The General insurance accept credit cards for payments?

Yes, you can use credit cards, automatic bill pay, and, in some instances, electronic checks. You can also use a debit card or a NetSpend prepaid Visa card.

Does The General insurance take American Express?

Yes, you can use your American Express card to pay for your auto insurance with The General.

Does The General insurance use Vertex Teller?

We couldn’t find any information about whether or not The General uses Vertex Teller. You’ll need to speak to your local agent to check.

How do you save your quote on The General insurance?

It’s easy to save your quote. You just need to click the save button at the bottom of the screen when you’re filling out information for a quote.

Other The General Insurance Product Questions

This section answers your questions about what other insurance products The General offers.

Does The General offer home insurance?

No – The General does offer a discount for drivers that own a home, but they don’t offer home insurance. In addition to home insurance consider having a home warranty. Read more: How much does a home warranty cost?

Does The General have renters insurance?

Not at this time – The General focuses on providing auto insurance policies to people that are having problems getting insured by other carriers. For renter insurance policies look at other companies we write about.

Does The General do homeowners insurance?

No – The General only provides car insurance. The company is focused on a very specific insurance market, and homeowner insurance isn’t included. We recently completed a review of Lemonade home insurance that you may find interesting. You may also be interested to know that if you installed one of the top security systems you may qualify for a home insurance discount. Ask your insurer about this.

Does The General have boat insurance?

The General does not offer boat insurance. They only offer car insurance and focus on drivers with poor driving records and/or credit scores.

Does The General offer RV insurance?

No – The General doesn’t have RV insurance. They focus on standard liability and comprehensive coverage for regular vehicles.

Does The General offer health insurance?

The General primarily offers car insurance and we could not find any information about health insurance. So for example if you're needing temporary health insurance between jobs then we suggest reading our other articles and looking at other companies. Plans like this make not cover things like vision if you're needing to buy online contacts for example. Many people opt for something different than health insurance such as cost sharing memberships. Compare our Christian Healthcare Ministries vs Liberty Healthshare for two such services.

Does The General offer life insurance?

We could not find anything that says they offer life insurance but they may be able to refer you to someone. Ask them if they can refer you to life insurance no exam options if you do talk to them.

The General Insurance Quality and Customer Service

This section covers questions about the quality and customer service you get from The General.

Is The General insurance good?

It’s the best option for many people. If you’ve had some accidents or credit problems, then The General might be the best car insurance company for you.

Is The General car insurance legit?

Yes, The General has been around since 1962. That means they’re a well-known company and not a fly by night operation.

How good is the rating on The General car insurance?

The General receives fairly good ratings from its customers. Most of the reviews give it 4 out of 5 stars, and it has fewer customer complaints than many other insurance companies.

Have there been complaints for The General insurance?

There have been complaints for every insurance company. However, The General still has a solid reputation as a trustworthy car insurance company.

How reliable is The General car insurance?

The General car insurance is very reliable. The company will honor the terms of the policy agreement and they’re underwritten by American Family Insurance.

Is The General auto insurance BBB accredited?

Yes, the General has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are also accredited by the BBB.

What are the cons of The General car insurance?

The biggest con of The General is that they only offer car insurance. That means you can’t get bundle deals to cover home and life insurance with them. For example, home and auto insurance companies let you bundle for more savings.

How to file a complaint against The General insurance?

The best way to file a complaint against The General is to report your complaint to your state’s Department of Insurance.

Other The General Questions

We’ll answer questions about The General that don’t fit into our other categories here.

Is The General insurance the same as Progressive?

No – Progressive focuses on helping general drivers get multiple kinds of insurance, while The General is owned by a different company and focuses on drivers that are harder to insure.

Who does the voice of The General insurance?

The voice of The General in their insurance commercials is performed by Richard Sellers.

How much of The Generals insurance are through online?

Much of The General’s insurance business comes from online customers, as there are a limited number of field offices.

How to calculate my insurance The General?

The best way to calculate your insurance with the General is to divide your policy price by the number of months it covers. That will tell you your price per month.

Is The General auto insurance open on Sunday?

You can get customer support via phone or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with The General.

Who is the parent company of The General insurance?

The General was purchased by American Family Insurance in 2012. They underwrite the policies The General offers.

Who is The General insurance affiliated with?

The General is affiliated with their parent company, American Family Insurance. AFI also owns a few other insurance companies that could be considered sister companies to The General.

Does The General help with supplemental insurance?

If you're talking about health insurance then no they don't work with this insurance type. If you're talking about supplemental insurance for medicare then we put together an article to help with just that.