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My son finished his basketball league recently.  This was his second year playing team basketball.  As I watched the final seconds tick down, I was sad that his time was ending.  I watched all of the games he played in, as well as practice.  It hit me that there was a big difference between what I saw when they first started playing in January, versus where they ended up in March.  The difference was simple.  At the beginning, they were nine 4th-grade boys playing at the same time.  By the end, they were a team.  It was cool to see.  It struck me and I started thinking about the importance of teamwork.

The Importance Of Teamwork Everywhere

Things work better when teamwork is involved, don't they?  Think about it.  Teamwork matters in so many different situation.


The best projects I've ever worked on are those where teamwork takes center stage.  A good team of people, all working toward the same goals, will lead to successful outcomes more often than not.  Projects that don't have organized teamwork will often fizzle out, fail, or lose direction.  Even if they're successful, they might take too long or go over budget.  The best projects are those where everybody works together as a team.


My kids always tell me about things they're working on, and many involve working as a team.  Teamwork is important for people in school at all ages.  Even when I got my MBA, almost every class had a team assignment.  Why?  Because part of learning involves learning how to work together.  Students learn how different personalities and skill sets fit together.


If you have been to the emergency room or had surgery, you know the importance of teamwork.   Even the simplest of operations involves a team of people that have to work together and who rely on each other to help the patient get a positive outcome.  Think of a surgical team.  There are surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and others involved in the care.  Only actions of each person working both individually and as a team will help that patient come through their surgery successfully.


Every family is a team, right? Think about it.  Parents have to work together as a team.  Children should work together to support each other.  Everyone in the family has to work together to make for a happy and productive household.  Even a simple dinnertime works best when the family works together as a team.  It definitely makes for less stress than if one person has to do all the work!

Personal Finances

Teamwork is important in personal finance.  I even team up with some of the best personal finance blogs sometimes. Even if you don't realize it, you're relying on teams of people to make sure your money is safe and that it's working for you.  Your team at the bank keeps your money for you.  If you have a financial adviser, they should be working to align your investments with your goals.  Your credit card company is there to help you with your spending, and keep your credit safe.  Almost every element of your financial ‘world' has a team behind it.


Most popular sports involve teams.  Yes, you have individual sports like golf or tennis, but even they figure out how to form teams.  Why are team sports so popular? Because in many cases, a team that works together allows for things to happen that are greater than what any one player can do on their own.  In the case of my son's basketball team, roles started to become clear as the season went on.  Some boys were great at shooting.  Others were great at rebounding or defending.  Some could do great things with passing and such.  As the season went on, they started to learn each others strengths, and made great things happen.  They also supported each other and cheered each other on.  It was, in a word, awesome.

Readers, in what other areas do you see the importance of teamwork?  When has teamwork led to great success?  What about when lack of teamwork led to failure?  That definitely happens, too!

In other news we have responded to the request of a number of visitors to create a list of local insurance contacts to reduce monthly premiums. We will be expanding this list in the coming months.