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There's always things that you look at and say ‘Why doesn't somebody figure out how to….?'

Of course you don't want to be the one that actually invents it, but at least you thought about it.

Here are a few that have popped into my head lately:

  • Batteries that don't leak – I remember circa 1980 opening up my favorite little handheld video game (it was a little Pac-Man game shaped like the Pac-Man games in the arcade) and finding it full of leaked battery juice.  It never worked the same after that.  Fast forward 30 years, and I still open up things like remotes, flashlights, radios, and find that they are leaking battery acid.  We've seen a lot of apparent advancements in battery technology over the last thirty years where they have extended the life way beyond what they used to.  How about spending the next thirty years figuring out a way so the darn things don't leak?
  • Cooling systems that cool properly – The second floor of our house, and more specifically our bedroom, heat up really fast.  I've turned off every single vent on the first floor except one that doesn't have a knob on the register or baffill in the basement, so all of the cool air goes upstairs.  It doesn't matter, the upstairs still resembles the inside of a furnace during the middle of most hot afternoons when the A/C is running
  • Carpet padding that doesn't suck – We have pets and a toddler.  Stains (and puke) happen more often than you'd care to think.  When things happen, we clean it up, and the stain goes away.  Awesome!  Only to come back in a few weeks.  Not awesome!  When the carpet cleaning guy comes to do his thing, the answer is always ‘Oh, well it got in the padding, so it'll just keep coming back up.'  Really?  Can someone please get on this one?  I mean, if the stain can get down to the padding, can't we figure out a cleaner that does too?  Hello? McFly?  Hello?
  • A cell phone plan that makes actual sense – They do it on purpose and they admit it.  They offer a plan that contains the right amount of minutes or texts, but doesn't include data.  To get data, you have to sign up for the plan that contains an extra kajillion minutes, only a fraction of which you'll ever need.  Absurd!
  • A hot dog that fits the bun (or vice versa) – I remember a commercial from the 80's where this apparently taken care of, but from what I've seen, we've gone back to square one on this one.
  • The end to mail in rebates – “Just give us the money now, OK, but we promise we'll give it back later.  Really, we pinky swear!”  Enough!
  • A Wall Street investor that isn't a crook – Well, OK, well I guess some things are just always going to be wishful thinking!

What other ideas do ‘they' need to come up with?