This Costco Gas Tip Could Save You Time

We went to Costco last night, and on the way out, I wanted to get gas, as it was six cents cheaper than any of the other stations we would pass.  However, the lines seemed long, so I was reluctant.

My wife gave me a great tip and I thought I should pass it along (though really, maybe I should have saved it for myself, haha).  The tip came about when I saw the long lines at the pumps where the pump faced the driver side, which is the more common side where the gas cap is placed.

My wife told me to go to one of the other pumps anyways.  There was one pump that had no wait.  She told me that Costco has extra long hoses that will reach both sides of the car.  I was reluctant, because if it didn’t work, I’d have to get back in line and probably lose two or three spots.

But, it worked!  All you have to do is pull the car up a tad further than you normally might so that the hose can go straight along the back of your car, but there was plenty of room, and it saved probably 5-10 minutes.

In my book, any time you can avoid spending time in line is time well spent.  I hate waiting in line. 

Thanks to my wonderful wife for the tip!

16 thoughts on “This Costco Gas Tip Could Save You Time”

  1. I never get gas at Costco but that is only because I never shop there. I wouldn’t go out of the way either because it would likely cost more than the small savings. That long hose tip is golden though for saving time once you have already committed to going there.

    • We only go to Costco about once per month and there are no stores really close to our house (we have three each about 8 miles away) so we only get gas from there once in a while.

  2. I have a small car so can actually pull that trick at any gas station. I have also been known to pull my car in backwards just to get it done faster. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that at Costco, but if there is a long line sometimes it just has to be done.

    • I don’t think you could pull it in backwards at Costco, they seem to run things pretty smoothly and they’d probably not let you.

  3. I am a Costco shopper too. The discount and rebate on the gas alone has more than paid for the membership. I have always gone for the “other” side for fill ups. Unfortunately, the line is pretty long there too.

    • When we went, all the ‘driver side’ lines had 3-4 cars each, and even when we left, there were pumps open on the passenger side cars. I am surprised the Costco employee didn’t direct traffic a little better.

  4. I am not a Costco member, but when I had a BJ’s membership, they had the same thing and I did it every time. People waiting in line would look at you and get irritated, but I was just laugh and fill up.

  5. Is there a better time of day to gas up at Costco or is there always a line up?

    Gas at the 7/11 near my house is $1.29 per litre today. I think that is $4.88 per US gallon.

  6. Yup. Discovered that a long time ago…and the Dog Chariot is a minivan, so the hose has even farther to go.

    Hereabouts we’re blessed with what seems like a Costco on every corner. I won’t buy gas anywhere else. Also, it’s worth noting that different Costco’s have different prices. The ones in low-rent neighborhoods tend to have lower prices.

    • Gas station prices vary by area / city everywhere, so I would suppose Costco would be no different. A Speedway/Costco/Mobil/Whatever here charges more than one 10 miles down the road.

  7. This makes me miss my first car where the gas tank opening was behind the license plate. Didn’t matter what pump I went to.

    • I remember my dad’s and grandpa’s cars having those. I’m reminded of the scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation where he pulls up to the gas station for first time with the Family Truckster and has no idea where the gas goes. I love that movie.

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