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The eclipse was just about all that anybody was talking about a couple of days ago.  It was definitely eclipse fever.  Now that it's done and over, I wanted to share some random thoughts.

The Past Was Fun To See

One of my favorite parts of the coverage leading up was showing old news reports or articles that talked about the eclipse.  One clip from a nightly news show was 38 years ago.  Also, I saw a newspaper clipping published 22 years ago which mentioned it.  I'm sure that back then, August 21, 2017 seemed so far away.

The Hype Machine Was Huge

It's been a while since I've seen an event that was given so much hype.  Now that media reaches everywhere, the discussion seemed endless.  You wonder if this event had happened 40 years ago how it would have been covered.

Safety Was Big

It was interesting to see how much time was spent on how to view the eclipse safely. I suppose this was so that we didn't launch a generation of blind people all in one day!  One of the more interesting parts of this was to do with pets.  Animals instinctively know not to look at the sun.  Even so, just about every recommendation I saw told people to keep pets indoors. I wonder how many puddles were cleaned up by pet owners that day!

People Are Greedy

It was sad to see the shortage of eclipse glasses.  It was even worse to see legit glasses being sold online for many times what they were purchased for.  The worst was the reports of fake glasses.  Around where I lived there was not a single pair to be found for days beforehand.  I have to believe a good chunk of this was a result of greed.

We've Overpopulated Ourselves

Hotel rooms in some cities were booked months or years in advance.  Campgrounds were the same way.  Highways had hours long backups going into and out of the popular areas.  Glasses were sold out for weeks.  I imagine that 50 or 100 years ago, such an event would not have had people pushing each other out of the way, so to speak.  Have we overpopulated the planet?  We may be at or near a tipping point.

My Favorite Part

In Michigan, we had about 80 percent of the sun covered.  I was at work, and it was really cool to see how dim the sky got.  I looked out the window at one point and commented that it was cloudy.  But it wasn't!  It was clear skies but the sunshine was much dimmer than normal.  I thought it was pretty cool.

People Came Through And Made The Best Of It

In the end, the eclipse was a great event.  The eclipse got people talking about something that was a positive thing, for the most part.  It also got kids and adults excited for science.  Even when not everybody had safety glasses, people in crowds shared them.  In the end it was a good time.  We'll get even more coverage during the next eclipse in 2024, so I'm looking forward to that.    Until then!

Readers, what was your experience during the eclipse?  Did you get caught up in the hype?  Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Thanks for reading!