Thoughts On Selling On Facebook Marketplace

In the past, I’ve sold some items on Craigslist.  While I love selling online, it’s no longer my go-to site.  I have started selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Why Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was rolled out a couple of years ago.  With so much selling going through Craiglist, eBay and the like, it was natural that Facebook would want to get in on the game.

I like Facebook Marketplace for the following reasons:

  • Familiarity – I use Facebook almost every day.  So do many people.  You don’t need a different login to sell (or buy items).  You don’t need a different app.  It’s all right there.
  • Real People – When you’re buying or selling on Facebook Marketplace, you’re using your regular profile.  So is the other person.  You instantly have a name and a face.  It seems to make things more personal.
  • Size – Facebook is huge as it is.  So right away you’ve got a built in audience.

It’s been a cool experience so far.  But, I have some observations.

Other People Have Lots Of Stuff

Once you start looking around Facebook Marketplace, you realize just how much stuff people have.  There are sales for just about everything.  Shoes.  Clothes.  Toys.  You name it, Marketplace has it.

I subscribe to a couple of local groups.  These are groups you join where people can post things, and they are nearby.  So you don’t have to sort through listings of items that are 100 miles away.  I am in two groups, one for just our city and the next one over, and the other for the county.

You Have Lots Of Stuff

I started using Facebook Marketplace to cut back our number of strollers. We had a regular stroller, a jogging stroller, an umbrella stroller, and a double stroller.  We aren’t using any of them.  The umbrella stroller is something that we are keeping to give to a family member that’s looking to start a family soon.  I wanted the rest of them to go.

We sold two of them in pretty short order.  The third one we want to sell is still sitting in the garage.

But the process was so simple that it made me look around and realize just how much stuff I have.

I found two unopened faucet sets that I never used that I wanted to sell.  I listed them at $20 each, and within a week, they were both sold.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Now, I walk through the house and see potential things to sell.

Thanks to Porches, You Don’t Have To Deal With People

If you’re selling cheaper items, most transactions can be done via porch pickup.  You leave the item on your porch.  You also leave a place for someone to put money.  They come and get the item, and leave the money.  The transaction is complete!

selling on facebook marketplace porch pickup
Porch Pickup is easy for selling on Facebook Marketplace

Obviously, this wouldn’t work for expensive items, but for smaller priced items, it’s a simple process.

I know a bunch of people that have sold a bunch of things, and so far nobody has reported getting stiffed.  Maybe that whole idea of being tied to an actual profile keeps people honest!

There Are Acronyms, Including A Really Funny One

People that list things on Facebook mean business.  As such, people don’t have time to type out full sentences.  So, Porch Pickup, which I described above, is shortened to PPU.  FCFS is first come first serve.

The one that gets me every time is POOS.  I started seeing this on multiple listings, and was a bit perplexed.  Were these things that had once touched poo?  Did they smell?  My mind had a million questions.

Nope.  Turns out it’s just another acronym.  It stands for Posted on Other Sites.  Meaning, that someone might be posting it in other groups or apps and such.

I laugh every time I see a listing that has this. Every time.  You can’t tell me that the original person that made this up didn’t know what they were doing.  They couldn’t have used, say POMS, Posted on Multiple Sites?  Nope.  It had to be….POOS.

SMH (that stands for *shaking my head*)

People Sell Crazy Stuff

One day my wife was browsing through her phone and started cracking up.  She showed me a listing of someone that was trying to sell a pair of shoes….that had been mauled by her dog.  I’m not just talking a small hole.  We’re talking that the entire top half of the shoe was shredded.

We couldn’t believe that someone was actually trying to sell this.  There were some comments from some other people that were of the same opinion.  At least the comments were nice.

When we went back to look for the listing a couple of days later, it was gone.  So, I guess we’ll never know, did they actually sell the dog eaten shoes?

Readers, what do you think?

Selling on Facebook Marketplace. What do you think? Do you buy? Sell?  Both?

8 thoughts on “Thoughts On Selling On Facebook Marketplace”

    • It’s definitely worth spending a few minutes looking into, first to see if there are any good deals, second to see if it sparks a desire to sell, and third for the sheer entertainment value.

  1. Facebook Marketplace is a good place to sell stuff quick. I had some stuff this summer that didn’t receive any interest on Craigslist receive multiple offers within hours of being placed on Facebook. The main drawback I’ve noticed for the Facebook Marketplace is that a lot of people will put in an offer and then never respond when you contact them to complete the transaction.

  2. I do both to buy and sell product on FB. And I see some problems:
    When you buy something on facebook, it is hard for me to know it is a good product or not at the first time.
    And when I sell product: I can sell my product free or pay free, facebook give me tool to start my business and manage it. But the only one problem is anyone can sell on FB without condition about the company and product and I think that they should make policy for this.

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