Throw Some Ice On It

After we moved into our house in 2007, it became apparent that we had a little bit of a problem. There was a pretty nasty smell coming from the kitchen sink.

The house had been empty for a few months prior to us moving in (owner transferred out of state, not a foreclosure!) so things had been left largely to sit around for quite some time.

I quickly determined that the smell was coming from the drain.  We set up some methods to try to clear the smell.

We tried putting orange rinds down there which were supposed to leave it with a citrus smell (lemon peels work too).  This actually did leave a nice citrus smell….that combined with the still awful smell that made it clear there was still a problem.

I figured some sort of food particle had gotten left behind and the few months of inactivity had allowed it to fester wherever it got lodged, and also allowed it to stick there.

We tried a few other things to clear the sink of the smell, but nothing worked.  One day I was pouring something to drink and getting some ice out from the freezer when it dawned on me to see if maybe ice could dislodge whatever it was that was causing our kitchen funk.

Threw a few pieces down there while the disposal was running.  The blades made quick work of it.  I waited ten minutes or so, went back in, and gave the sink the old sniff test, and….

…didn’t smell a funk!

The ice worked. I’ve since done some looking around and some feel that it can actually help sharpen the blades of the disposal.  Whether or not this is true I have no idea.  Still, every now and then I’ll drop a couple of pieces of ice down the drain while the disposal is going to ‘clear the works’.

So, if your sink starts getting that ‘not so fresh’ smell, try some ice therapy!