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I figured I'd start off a new week and a new month by compiling a few experiences with various companies, departments, or industries that have given me a favorable or unfavorable experience.  I'd love to hear any stand out experiences, positive or negative, in the comments.

Without further ado:

  1. Citi Cards – My wife and I both use the Citi Dividends card for a cash back card.  I check our balances nearly every day so that I can keep on top of our balances and make sure that we're in line.  As such, I can honestly say that there's probably not a website that I hate more than Citi's.  At least once a month the account access is simply unavailable.  Many times it won't load without presenting an annoying offer, but the button to say ‘No thanks' doesn't appear.  I have to ‘find' where it is by looking to see when my cursor changes.  Now they've added insult to injury and they present offers that prevent you from logging out when you're done.  Yep, that's secure.  If it wasn't for the fact that American Express is still not universally accepted, I would cancel them simply for their awful website.  THUMBS DOWN.
  2. Red Robin – My wife and son both have birthday's in the month of May.  Everybody in the family loves Red Robin, though we usually only go when we have some sort of mb-2014-06thumbsupcoupon or freebie, because while the food is good, I find it's overpriced.  Red Robin offers free birthday burgers during the month of your birthday, so we always go during May.  My wife let me know that we'd never gotten an e-mail for my son's (that's how they distribute kids freebies).  I contacted them through Facebook and they re-sent it within an hour.  On top of it, the service at our location was excellent.  THUMBS UP.
  3. Job recruiters – When my cell phone rings during the day, I always ignore it if it's an out of state number, but if it's a local number, I usually answer, even if I don't recognize it.  I may have to change that, as I've been getting more and more calls from job recruiters, who don't seem to understand that my slightly abrupt answering of their questions is BECAUSE I'M AT WORK. And the kicker is that they all have my e-mail address, but they only send an e-mail after the phone call.  Argh!  THUMBS DOWN.
  4. Vera Bradley – A while back, my wife hinted that they were running a deal on a beach bag plus a pair of flip flops.  I decided to order it for her to give as a later gift.  My sister-in-law wanted one as well, so I placed the order for both, and added the embroidery of their initials to both.  The bags came in and because of the wait between when I ordered it and when I gave the stuff to my wife, neither bag was inspected closely.  My sister-in-law noticed an imperfection on her bag.  She called, and they immediately offered to send a new one, and said it would take around two weeks.  Two days later the bag, with new embroidery, showed up!  Awesome customer service.  THUMBS UP.
  5. Meijer – We do our local shopping here, and have a favorite store that's actually not the closest one.  We had a string of incidents that really bothered us, including getting double charged for two items on the same order by a cashier that was rude to my wife, getting dairy that was expired long before the stamped date, and other problems with expiration dates.  I wrote them a long e-mail and got a call from the store director who apologized for each of the problems, addressed every concern individually, and offered us a $20 gift card with the promise to take our issues into consideration for how things were handled.  THUMBS DOWN followed by a THUMBS UP.
  6. State of Michigan – Every government has things that make you shake your head, but our road situation and funding takes the cake.  Michigan pays one of the highest per gallon gas taxes in the country.  So you'd think that we would put a high amount of funding into our roads and probably think that we have good roads, right?  Wrong!  We are at or near dead last in road condition, and spend in the bottom 20% per mile of road in the country.  All because Michigan takes the sales tax portion of gas purchases and puts them into the general fund.  Most states allocate both the dedicated gas tax and sales tax on gas purchases toward roads.  They're looking at increasing the funding, but it's too little, too late, and they have no plans to change the way the sales tax portion is handled.  Government at it's dumbest.  THUMBS DOWN.
  7. L&L Tree and Landscaping – These guys are local so most won't even use them (in fact, I didn't use them) but these jokers still hit a nerve.  My neighbor had a dead tree and used them to have it removed.  They had quite a few cars from workers, trucks, and the chipper and the like, so they were parked in front of my house.  Which isn't a problem, except after they pulled away, there were two giant oil stains in the street, almost the size of a dinner plate.  I can't stand oil stains in my driveway and while the street isn't mind, it still looks awful.  I called and explained the situation and asked them to look at it, and while they said they would, they also said that nobody else has ever complained, and didn't seem too concerned.  The funny part is that they'd left a flier on my door looking for business which is what clued me in on who had left the mess.  THUMBS DOWN.

Any thumbs up or thumbs down stories to share?  I always love reading a good one.