Time To Get Out Your Crystal Ball!

Forty to fifty years ago, we were using products that we would never dare think of using today because we’ve discovered that they are unsafe and cause health issues.  The two that come to mind are lead paint and asbestos based insulation.

I had a startling thought the other day, as I wondered what products we’re using today that will be looked at in the 2050’s as completely unsafe and banned from use.

I’m sure there are some out there, and that’s not even the worst part.  The worst part is that based on how much more processing we’re doing, my guess is that some of the stuff we’re using today is even worse than the lead paint and asbestos and/or there are probably going to be more products identified.

On that encouraging note, have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Time To Get Out Your Crystal Ball!”

  1. I agree with your post. If you are concerned about lead paint, we have some great resources about lead poisoning prevention in children and lead-safe work practices at our website . Thanks!

  2. I'm terrified of the stuff that we use, even the products that we use in our food to keep them looking good!

    If you think about it, the stuff we put in our lawns to kill the crawling bugs pretty much will work havoc on our nervous system. Everybody, in my neck of the woods laughs at my concerns… But I don't want to take the risks, especially with my kids still growing!

  3. I agree with Money Reasons – the lawn chemicals concern me too. I was talking to a friend of mine that lives in Canada and she said that lawn chemicals have been banned in Canada, except for totally organic, natural substances. I wonder if the US will follow suit one day.

    I also wonder about carpeting too, as I have read the fumes from that can be problematic.

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