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Why Ting?

  • No lock-in contract; you can cancel anytime
  • Works with a lot of smartphone models
  • Highly-rated customer service
  • Different text, call, and data plans to fit your usage

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Ting Mobile Phone Plan ReviewTing, a recent addition to the telecom company arena, has certain unique facets that can make it an excellent phone service provider for some people. Founded in 2012, Ting relies on the infrastructure of T-Mobile and Sprint to carry its services to users, depending on which phone they use with the service.

Ting is a no contract month-to-month service that allows users to either purchase a $1 SIM card for applicable phones or use an already owned or new phone by connecting it to their services. Ting works with most smartphones, especially slightly older models, and even offers service and affordable purchase of utilitarian and practical flip phones.

Ting is additionally proud of being an advocate for net neutrality and refuses to block, throttle, or interfere in any way with customer's internet access or use. Ting is ranked in the top three best mobile service providers by Consumer Reports, above the majority of major mobile service providers that have existed for far longer.

In comparison to other month to month no contract mobile phone service providers, Ting is generally more affordable within reason and has less issues with service and billing. Ting also partners with influencers over YouTube and other social media outlets to provide discount codes to those who view their content and sponsorship for the creators.

Ting Mobile Phone Plan Review


Ting is unique in the phone service provider sector in that users pay only for what they use. Plans can be tailored to encompass less minutes, texts, or data depending on the personal usage needs of customers. This is both excellent and detrimental. On one hand, ting allows customers to tweak their services to be as affordable for their needs as possible. On the other hand, going over the allotment of the designated plan can become quite costly in the blink of an eye.

Ting's calling plans do have limits based on the minutes used, ranging from $3 for 1-100 minutes all the way through $35 for 2,100 minutes, with 1.9 cents per minute being charged for any call time above that limit. Texting plans are structured similarly, with some cheap phone plans also being $3 for 1-100 text messages through $35 for 4,800 texts per month. Any text messages above the designated plan cap are 25 cents per text.

Most customers would not typically exceed these high minute and text caps, but for those who are constantly on the phone for business or send high and frequent volumes of texts the additional costs do have the potential to build up considerably. Ting is ideal for those who rarely to infrequently make phone calls or send and receive text messages.

Ting also offers pricing per phone line. An individual who rarely makes calls, seldom sends texts, and prefers to use wifi over phone data can arrange an incredibly affordable plan with Ting. A singular phone line is $6 per month. Large families or groups on the same service may run into issues with the cost, as 5 lines require $30 per month and any additional lines tack on the price of $6 per device.


The main areas that Ting's services are lacking is in their data plan provisions and pricing, and their lack of unlimited plans and services. Ting offers affordable plans for low data usage for customers, but once the data cap is reached the price can increase dramatically. If data is something a customer does not use frequently, Ting can work out well. Data usage under 100 MB is $3 per month.

Unfortunately, streaming a HD video generally takes roughly 12 MB per minute, so this plan would not be effective for someone who watches YouTube or uses streaming services on their phone. Data use of 2 GB costs $20 per month, with each additional 2 GB of data over that being priced at $10 per instance. The average data usage of a smartphone user is around 7 GB per month, which would add up to a price comparable or exceeding that of a traditional phone plan.

While the use of a wifi connection can lessen the effect that phone internet and data usage can have, wifi isn't always available outside of a customer's home and can come with certain security risks in public spaces. Careful attention and planning can make Ting's rates attractive, but the data plan offerings can be impractical for most data loving smartphone users.

Ting does offer ways to prevent going over the designated cap of a customer's plan. Without these mitigating factors, it is easy to go over the planned allotment and increase the cost considerably.

Ting allows customers to set up text message alerts for specific points, to let them know if they are getting close to their plan's minute, text, or data cap. Ting also allows customers the choice to set a hard cap for their assorted services. This imposed cap would suspend the ability to use any of the services if they go over the designated cap amount. This prevents any bill increases, but comes at the price of not being able to call, text, or use any data capabilities until the next billing cycle.

Additionally, Ting does not offer any form of unlimited service, which can be a heavy detriment for customers who have very high levels of call, text, or data use. If a large call volume, text amount, or data usage are expected, Ting may not be the best and most affordable service for those conditions.

Customer Service

Ting has highly positively reviewed customer service. Ting offers customer service access options through it's mobile app, over the internet on their website, and through live 24/7 customer service agents over the phone.

Ting's website offers easily accessed links for a multitude of concerns, questions, and directives to begin service with them or solve service or billing issues. They provide easy to find and read guides for setting up service, determining if a phone is compatible with their services and infrastructure, and for activating phones tied to their services.

The simple layout of Ting's website removes confusing elements and makes it easy to get to necessary information and troubleshoot issues. Many reviewers report little to no wait time to speak to a live representative and that the assistance they provide is concise, practical, and well delivered.

Ting offers warranties for phones purchased through them. New devices are given a 1 year warranty, and refurbished devices have a 30 day warranty. Devices that customers provide themselves are not within the umbrella of Ting's device warranty services. Ting's warranties for the offered new or refurbished devices cover defects with the physical device and it's materials or qualities. Certain conditions, such as modifications, liquid damages, general usage wear and tear, and damage from accidents that alter the abilities or physical appearance of the device are not covered.

Ting will deliver replacement devices for devices that are damaged and fit within the terms of the warranty. This comes with the caveat of a preauthorized charge to the customer payment method that will become a charge if the damaged phone to be is not returned to them.

Once Ting receives the damaged phone, it is evaluated to see if it does fall under the provisions of the warranty. Customers are charged if any parts are missing or for the full cost of the replacement device if it does not meet warranty specifications. Ting does allow customers to purchase third party device insurance to cover the device in case of damages that are not covered within Ting's warranty terms.

Ting Mobile Phone Plan Review


Ting does have some restrictions on returning phones for non-warranty related reasons. If a device purchased from Ting does not meet customer preferences, it can be returned for a full refund so long as the customer has used less than 300 minutes, 300 texts, and 300 megabytes of data. Ting also allows full refunds for devices that refuse to turn on or are still within the packaging. These customer service aspects are attractive and enticing for customers and allow for even more idealized service in addition to their pay for what is used service model.

Ting's pay as you use services are certainly shaking up the world of mobile service providers. By offering such customizable payments, customers can tweak and alter their bill to be reflective of how they actually use their phone. The freedom of choice with devices may not be quite as wide as other providers, but they are no less functional and desirable. Ting's data plans may not be ideal, but their commitment to net neutrality and preserving a free and open internet is commendable. For those who rarely feel the need to use their phones, Ting can be an exceptionally attractive and affordable choice. If you need something with less restrictions then check out Verizon phone deals.

Ting's customer service options ensure that customers can have the assistance they need in their preferred format at any time of day, any day of the year. By being carried on the infrastructure of two major, widespread providers, Ting manages to have an impressive signal availability range that can outstrip older, more known providers abilities. Ting allows for the customer to have freedom and personally chosen aspects to their phone service.


Ting is an Internet service provider and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that allows its users to pay for only what they use with no contracts or strings attached, i.e., customers who use more, spend more, and those who use less, spend less.

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In this post, we’ve come up with an extensive list of questions to give you a better idea of all you need to know about mobile.

Ting Smartphones Services

Making a switch to Ting can save you a lot in the long run. Below are frequently asked questions about Ting phone service if you are planning to port.

Are Ting phones unlocked?

Ting sells both Apple iPhones and Android phones that are compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks, and not all of them are unlocked. It is best to choose a network before buying a Ting phone.

What phones work on Ting?

You can easily use any unlocked device with Ting and other MVNOs provider. There's a high likelihood that unlocked phones will be compatible because this provider uses both GSM and CDMA networks.

What is a Ting cell phone?

Ting cell phone is Sprint based and T-Mobile based mobile phone, which are compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks. You can get a Ting cell phone on the company website if you don't want to buy a phone from somewhere else.

What is Ting mobile?

Ting Mobile has a wide range of high-end smartphones, which includes iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, as well as some low budget options like the Motorola. It is best to buy directly from their website to ensure compatibility.

Can any unlocked GSM phone be used on Ting?

Ting is more likely to accept any unlocked GSM phones as long as your device is not tied to any financing plan. With a GSM phone, you can insert your activated Ting SIM no messing with switching it online or calling customer service.

How do you change your phone number on Ting?

You can change your phone number Ting, but the process is different for each network. If you use CDMA, all you need to do is deactivate your old phone number and activate a new phone number. For GSM users, you need to contact Ting customer support, and they will change your phone number.

Does Ting sell phones?

Ting offers used, refurbished and new smartphones of various brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. You can buy Ting phones on their website. Ting does not operate any stores. I also found a place to sell my phone for cash when I upgraded to a new one.

What does temporary failure mean on Ting phone?

It sounds like your device hasn't completed network activation yet. We suggest you complete your profile or perform a carrier reset if you're unable to complete a profile update on your device. You can contact Ting support team if you need additional help.

How to change SIM card on new phone Ting?

It’s recommended you get in touch with the Ting support team to manually update your phones with the new SIM numbers if you're replacing with CDMA SIM cards. With GSM SIMs, just put your new SIM into the phone and activate it at

How to unlock a phone for Ting?

You need to contact your current carrier and see if you’re still under contract; pay the termination fee if you are, and ask for an unlock. You can now use the phone on Ting carrier once you get confirmation that your phone is unlocked on their end.

Will straight talk phone work on Ting?

Straight Talk resells service on all four major carriers while Ting only resells on either T-Mobile (GSM) or Sprint (CDMA). Your straight talk phone will work fine if it’s T-Mobile and Sprint. Verizon and AT&T, straight talk phone would limit the compatibility a bit. This may be the case for Textnow phones as well.

Did will unlock Verizon GSM phone work on Ting?

Ting offers service on two networks— GSM and CDMA. Each of these networks each uses a different technology, and are compatible with a different set of the device. You can use your unlocked Verizon GSM phone on Ting. We strongly suggest you use Ting compatibility checker to confirm if your phone will work on their network.

Will the Razer phone work on Ting?

Yes, if it is an unlocked version right out of the box and doesn't have any financial ties to any other company before you purchase it. Go to setting and set up the phone on Ting.

Will a Sprint iPhone work on Ting?

Any Sprint iPhone will work on the Ting network. However, you first have to unlock your Sprint iPhone and make sure there is no financial obligation tied to the iPhone.

How are Ting phones packaged?

Ting has a good selection of smartphones on their websites. For mobile options, there is the choice of buying a new or used device from Ting. Phones purchased directly through Ting's website are packaged in a folder that looked like advertising.

Do AT&T phone's work on Ting?

Yes. Any AT&T iPhone will work on the Ting network if unlocked. It would be best to have the phone deactivated from AT&T account before you can get the device working correctly on Ting.

How do I deactivate a phone on Ting?

Deactivating your device means canceling your phone number. You can deactivate by signing into your Ting account at Go to device settings, click on the phone number and click on deactivate this device.

How to activate a new phone on Ting?

Activating the new device you ordered from Ting is easy. Just go to and click Activate on the blue nav bar. Follow the steps on their website to help you activate your phone and get started using Ting network.

Can I activate a T-Mobile phone with Ting SIM?

A T-Mobile phone will be compatible with Ting SIM, but the phone must be unlocked before you can use on the Ting network. All you need is buy a new Ting SIM card.

How to use my old phone number on Ting?

You can transfer your old phone number to the Ting network. All you need to do is gather details such as the Phone number you want to move, Account number, Port out pin/password and Billing information from your carrier. Please take note that it might take a couple of hours to transfer your old phone number to the Ting network.

How to activate a CDMA sprint phone for Ting?

You can activate a CDMA sprint phone for ting but make sure the phone is unlocked, must be paid off, and must have been active for at least 50 days on the Sprint network. To activate a CDMA sprint; Go to and click on Activate, then sign into your Ting account, choose “Bring your own device” and follow the prompt.

Will a T-Mobile iPhone work on Ting?

Yes. There are good chances that any iPhone that’s purchased outright from Apple directly, which is not purchases under contract or with a carrier device subsidy will work on Ting.

How much bloatware is on Ting cellular phones?

Ting cellular phones arrive with many default apps. These default apps can't be removed by usual means, but you can disable them and turn off notifications to prevent it from asking for updates.

What is financial eligibility for a phone Ting?

Financial Eligibility Check is performed before a device activated on Ting. It’s a much more sensible system all things considered. Your phone must pass the Financial Eligibility Check for it to work on the Ting network.

Will Ting unlock my phone?

No. Ting won’t be able to unlock your device for you if it is not purchased from them. You will need to reach out to your current carrier to do that. The phone must not be a stolen device or involve in any criminal activities before you can have it unlocked.

Will a Virgin Mobile SIM card work with Ting?

Virgin mobile devices have to be active on Virgin for one year before they can move to another MVNO like Ting. Therefore, we wouldn't recommend getting a Virgin Mobile phone if you want to activate on Ting.

Will a locked Simple Mobile work on Ting?

Ting will not accept a locked phone because it usually means that the phone or current contract period is not fully paid off. Only the owner can have it unlocked.

Network Coverage And Account

You will get answers to commonly asked questions about Ting network coverage and account in this section.

Is Ting phone service good?

Yes. Ting is an excellent phone service. Although the company does not have its own network instead rely on T-Mobile and Sprint networks to offer their customer a reliable service.  Ting only charges you for the minutes, data, and texts that you use rather than a set cost.

How to move to a new account on Ting?

You can’t move to a new account yourself. You need to call ting support team or submit a support request to get that process started. However, first ensure that the new account has been created, and must have some billing info already entered.

Which phone company owns Ting?

Ting is an Internet service provider and mobile virtual network operator owned by Tucows Inc. The company provides cellular service in the United States using GSM service via the T-Mobile network and CDMA via Sprint.

Does Boost mobile phones work on Ting?

You’re in luck if you have a Boost Mobile phone and want to switch to Ting as long as your Boost Mobile phone is unlocked. Just purchase a Ting SIM card and service plan once you're eligible to switch carriers.

Is Ting the best cell phone service?

No. Ting is not the best cell phone service. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint and the only four networks with the largest footprints but Ting use T-Mobile, and Sprint to provide reliable service, which makes them one of the best cell phone service.

How to get Ting phone service restored?

The only right way to restore your Ting phones service is to Tap Settings> General> Tap Reset> Tap Erase all content> Enter your passcode if prompted> Tap Erase. You can contact Ting support to have your account resorted if you have tried all the options and are still having problems.

Which phone service does Ting use?

Ting uses CDMA via Sprint and GSM via T-Mobile, depending on the type of phone you have. With Ting, you can have a combination of GSM and CDMA network under one account.

Can I do a conference call on my Ting phone?

Yes. A conference call is available on Ting. From your Home screen, tap Phone and enter the number you wanted to call or search from the Contacts list. Once the call has connected, tap “Add Call” to the second person. Keep in mind that the original call will be put on hold when the second person answered. You can merge both calls into a 3-way call to begin your conference call.

Is Ting mobile any good?

Yes. Ting uses the Sprint network for CDMA devices, and T-Mobile for GSM devices, which means you can be confident of switching to Ting. Another beautiful thing about Ting is that you only pay for what you use.

Does Ting mobile use Wi-Fi?

You can take advantage of the Wi-Fi features if you've got a suitable device. Wi-Fi allows you to make and receive calls as well as browse the Internet using a Wi-Fi network to boost the cellular signal. Also you can just connect to wifi hotspot devices as another option.

Will 4G LTE work on Ting mobile GSM network?

Yes, only if you have LTE coverage in your area and your device has access to a 4G LTE network. Therefore, if you're ready to purchase a phone, then you need to check the specifications to see if it supports 4G LTE.

What towers does Ting mobile use?

Ting uses two of the major cellular towers: T-Mobile and Sprint to offer superior customer service than their competitors. One of the major benefits of Ting’s is that data speeds are significantly faster.

Where is Ting mobile located?

Ting is mobile virtual network operators with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Starkville, and Mississippi. Ting supports phones that run on CDMA and GSM cellular networks depending on the frequencies of the device.

Does Ting mobile charge to change phones?

There's no cost to switch phones on your account. When you want to change phone on your account at, click “Device Settings,” then click “Activate.” You’ll be able to switch the number.

Can a Ting SIM card work in a prepaid phone?

Ting works with almost any prepaid phone; so, you can buy a SIM card, and activate it. Ting works on both Sprint and T-Mobile GSM network, which has no plans to shut down.

Ting Plans & Pricing

Below are the most common asked questions we see customers asked about Ting mobile plan and price. You can save yourself a call to customer support by reading these questions.

How does Ting mobile work?

Ting is different from other providers out there where they give you a set plan, and you pay the same flat rate every month.  Instead of paying for talk, texts, and data that you don’t use, Ting will only charge you for what you use.

How much do Ting mobile charge per minute?

Ting bill calls in one-minute increments, rounded up to the nearest whole minute. You’ll use your voice minutes and pay a surcharge as outlined on the Rates page on Ting website.

What’s the grace period on Ting mobile payment?

Ting doe not offer any grace period. Your payment will be automatically processed every month within a few days of your billing date. Just make sure you have a valid MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover or you can use Amazon Payments.

How long is a medium bucket good for Ting mobile?

Ting offers 5 percent buffer mobile buckets rate, which give users a bit of wiggle.  For instance, the Small bucket goes for 100 minutes – this means you don't go into the Medium bucket as soon as you hit 101 minutes. The same thing applies to the Small, Medium and Large buckets for minutes and messages.

Why does Ting mobile network keep disconnecting?

It might be that there’s no coverage in your area. We recommend that you perform a carrier reset and profile update on your device. Keep an eye out for an email with troubleshooting steps. Connecting to Wifi will let you use some features still. If you don't have service consider looking at cheap internet plans.

Ting International Use

Ting has international plans like other providers if you are traveling abroad and want to use your phone while traveling. Here are some questions about Ting global use.

Is Ting the largest phone carrier in China?

No, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile are the three telecommunications industry dominating China. However, Ting is a great option for travelers. The company offers international roaming on both GSM and CDMA networks at rates as low as $0.30 per minute.

Can I get my Ting phone to work in Europe?

Most ting phone with GSM and CDMA will work as long as they pass the BYOD checker at Just enable “International Calling” in your Device Settings page on your Ting account and set the Roaming settings in your phone to “Automatic.” When you return from Europe, you would have to reverse the process to switch it back.

What is the service rating for Ting mobile?

Ting is an excellent alternative to other carriers with transparent pricing, exceptional customer service, and good coverage across two different nationwide networks. Ting received 8.6/10 services rating from customers.