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Can it be possible that half the retail offerings this holiday season will be gift cards? Today, people aren’t necessarily opting for bulky presents for loved ones. In about half the instances gift cards are the choice. Retailers present gift cards as tempting alternatives with colorful plastic cards and envelopes, a suitable replacement for the so real but bulkier gift. Another factor is the cost of mailing awkward presents to loved ones. It’s much cheaper to mail a gift card. Digital gift cards offer even less hassle. They’re delivered to an email address and include a code that allows users to enter the data at the retail stores.


Trade & Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Online or Near 8 Places

What all that gift card convenience means is that people get a stack of plastic or an email box full of digital codes in a calendar year, and they can’t possibly use it all. You may be one of those people who have a wallet full of them. Some are practical, some are rich and luxurious and others are popular. But what many consumers miss is that those gift cards represent cash. Gift cards are exchanged for cash. Can you redeem gift cards to get the cash or trade it in?

The answer is an emphatic yes!

There are a handful of websites that specialize in buying your gift cards for a significant percentage of their face value. When you think about it, it’s a win-win for both seller and buyer. The seller paid nothing because they received the card as a gift, and the buyer gets eight-percent, ten percent, 20-percent or even 35-percent off the face value of the card. That’s a gift card that can be applied to anything in the store including stuff with a price that’s already knocked down. It’s the same for digital gift cards. See how the savings can add up? To sell or exchange an unwanted gift-card is just another example of smart shopping.

As a result, people are looking for resellers of gift cards, and there’s plenty of demand. Here are websites that can help you sell gift cards (or trade-in):

  • Raise
  • CardPool
  • Gift Card Granny
  • CardCash
  • Gift Card Spread
  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Kiosks Cash

Trade & Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Online or Near 8 Places

When it comes to looking for gift cards online, is a great option. The site has gift cards from thousands of brands and stores. It also offers lots of innovative options to take your gift card purchase to the next level.

Additionally, lets you earn bonus points whenever you buy gift cards through the site. You can use these points to get yourself a reward or to save some money on your next round of gift card purchases. As a result, is a great place to get everything you need for gifts while saving money.

Custom Gift Cards

One of the biggest perks of is that you can create custom gift cards. You can add a photo to any Visa gift card to personalize it far beyond what you get with a normal gift card. This can help take a birthday or holiday present to the next level. It also adds sentimental value to the gift – something that gift cards themselves are often criticized for.

Additionally, business owners can also order gift cards with their own corporate logo on them. This is a great way to offer employee rewards and bonuses. The addition of your own corporate logo to a Visa gift card gives an air of professionalism and value that you don’t get from generic gift cards. You can even order in bulk to get a discount.

Tons of Brands

Another perk of is the sheer number of brands they have on offer. You can get popular cards like Visa and Mastercard for general gifts. The site also offers gift cards for the biggest stores, like Home Depot, Best Buy, Bath & Body Works, and more.

Even better, lots of parent companies of stores offer gift cards on the site. For example, you can get a gift card to happy beauty, which can be used at Sephora, SpaFinder, Sally Beauty, LA Fitness, or Lord & Taylor. These cards give the recipients even more options on how to spend their gift. In turn, this means everyone is almost guaranteed to get exactly what they want.

Plastic and eGift Cards

Finally, gives you options on how your gift cards are delivered. You can get traditional plastic gift cards so that your recipient has a physical reminder of the gift. You can also choose to get an eGift card for instant delivery. This feature means that is a great place to go for last-minute gifts or if your busy schedule caused you to forget to buy ahead of time. It’s also a great way to send gift cards long distances without worrying that they’ll be lost in the mail or lost by the recipient before they can be used.

As you can see, there’s plenty of good reasons to give a try the next time you need gift cards. Whether you’re looking to buy cards in bulk to give to deserving employees, getting a custom gift card to make your gift that much more special, or just getting a card to reward yourself, is definingly worth checking out. is another option for people looking to buy gift cards. The company offers a wide range of options on their website, including popular brands like Best Buy, Google Play, Whole Foods, The Cheesecake Factory, and more.

Another feature of the website is the ability to design your own gift card. This lets you make your gift more personal by ensuring that the person receiving it knows that it’s much more than money.

Companies and businesses can also use this site to get their own custom gift cards. These make a great gift for employees while adding a personalized, professional touch that shows workers that you really do care about them.

Something else that we liked about is the fact that you can shop gift cards by occasion. The site gives you a bunch of different holidays and events that you might want gift cards for. Following those links will take you to some of the most popular gift cards for that kind of holiday or event.

This feature is a great addition because it makes it even easier to purchase a gift card for someone when you’re not exactly sure what they might want. It also makes it faster because you don’t need to sort through piles of different brands wondering whether or not each brand might be a good purchase for your needs.

One of the nice things about is that you can get free standard shipping for your purchases. That helps keeps costs down and ensures you can maximize your gift card value. It also means that you can plan ahead to have gift cards arrive at your door or the door of your recipient right on time, without worrying about awkward apologies or belated presents.

In addition to physical gift cards, you can also get eGift cards. These make a great option for last-minute gifts and presents. They’re also a great way to ensure that your gift card makes it where it’s going on time, as the card will be delivered to the email address you choose immediately.

However, there are some downsides for Giftcardmall. There are a number of troubling reviews online with people complaining that they didn’t receive the gift cards that they ordered. Giftcardmall says that the reason for this is that they use a complex fraud detection system, and that many of the complaints are from people that were trying to make fraudulent purchases.

There are a couple of different ways to read this situation. On one hand, it’s good that a company is working to prevent fraud and money laundering through gift cards by using the latest technology available. On the other hand, it’s really annoying to have to do things like call in to an agent to verify your payment credentials or have your purchase delayed.

As a result, you can try There are lots of good things about the site, and the company has more positive reviews than negative ones. However, be aware that you might have to jump through some extra hoops if your purchase encounters issues.

Card Pool

Gift cards are cards issued by banks or retailers and they bear an exchange value equal to the purchase price. They’re used by individuals and organizations as rewards and gifts. Companies give many gift cards away for free to employees and customers. It adds up to a substantial number of gift cards. The most interesting thing about gift cards is that they’re anonymous. After they’re consumed, they’re thrown away.

People receive gift cards from many sources. They get them under the Christmas tree, at birthday parties and in the workplace. You’ve probably received some yourself.

So you’re aunt bought you a $100 gift card because she saw the perfect clothing item but she didn’t know your size, so now you’re holding a valuable gift card. Go to Card Pool and click on the go to sell gift card page and you’ve arrived at the start of the process. Card Pool exchanges physical and electronic gift cards for hundreds of popular stores in exchange for a check in the mail, and they also exchange store credits for checks. At the website, you enter the card name, balance, card number or digital code to get a quick quote, and then choose the offer you like. You can opt for a check, or choose a different gift card to receive. You can get as high as 92-percent of the face value of the gift card. Card Pool advertise to buyers that discounts as high as 35-percent off the face value of some gift cards can be realized when they purchase it. That’s a high discount purchase.

As a result, this exchange is only going to grow as Card Pool becomes a mobile app that shoppers can use to buy digital gift cards even as they shop. The demand you’re your unused gift cards and digital codes will grow. The type of card you’re carrying is not much of an issue. Every gift card including the major credit card gift card is in the works.

The popular cards earn the most cash. A better way to say it is that the most versatile cards get the highest percentage of the payout, but there are no hard and fast rules. If you get a restaurant card, that means the bearer must go to that restaurant to use it. It’s easier to spend a gift card at a big box store than a neighborhood restaurant, but does that mean you’ll get more for your big box store gift card than a restaurant card?

In addition to Card Pool’s online service, they can also point you to store kiosks in your neighborhood that exchange cash or exchange for another retailer’s card of equal value. Finally, you can look up the value of your gift card at CardPool without any obligation. There are many ways to exchange your gift card at CardPool. People love the site.

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny has been around long enough to be the biggest total buyer of gift cards. If people want to look up their gift card’s exchange value, they visit Gift Card Granny. Granny has discovered from surveying the resellers of gift cards that most resellers are either dissatisfied with the retailers’ gift card or they just prefer a more general gift card and can get it by exchanging it. The number of resellers grows larger with time as the decade of the 2010s has shown. There’s been at least a 50-percent increase in the number of card resellers over the last ten years surveyed, according to Gift Card Granny.

The most hyped gift cards are often the ones resellers unload the quickest, so is the volume of a gift card going to affect its value? It’s hard to say for sure. In 2018 the abundance of gift cards was for and I-Tunes. I-Tunes, Gift Card Granny reports, is also the most resold card. The rule to follow is supply and demand. If a gift card is hard to find, it commands a higher price. You could draw some inferences from this. For example, a card for a popular grocery store chain is hard to find because consumers use that card rather than resell it. Hypothetically, the same applies to retailers like Wal-Mart. If a chain store is national, big and popular, it’s going to be hard for consumers to give up their gift cards. If the gift card is for a ubiquitous gas station, i.e., for the purchase of gas, it will likely be consumed by the recipient rather than resold. From this, you can infer that the most consumed gift cards are for everyday necessities. These cards don’t necessarily get traded in, so the supply is low.

I mean, if you have $100 in your pocket for groceries in the form of a gift card and somebody offers you $92 for it, you might balk and say no. It might be different if the gift card was for a popular boutique clothing store. Do you really need another black skin tight legging? Resell that gift card!

Gift Card Granny also keeps track of changes to the gift card industry following company closings, updated websites, new government regulations, fraud, the development of new gift card forms and public opinion. The industry news reported at Gift Card Granny’s include articles about the development of mobile gift cards that sit on your cell phone and electronic gift cards that are sent to emails.

This can be important information to the gift card bearer because when retailers go bankrupt, their gift cards often cease to have value. Fraud includes hacking schemes to break into retailers’ accounts and steal gift card numbers and balances. This could affect the balance of your gift card. To date, government regulations have addressed the retailers’ perceived abuse of gift cards by adding expiration dates and charging fees. This is valuable stuff to know. Moreover, in the cyber economy, developments in gift card giving is poised to have a revolutionary effect on the digital gift card will change the way consumers shop. The gift card will be a part of this change.

In addition, Gift Card Granny gives shopping tips and tricks, the latest trends in gift cards and a gift card balance lookup service. Check out their free download app so you can buy and sell gift cards on the run.

Trade & Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Online or Near 8 Places


CardCash began in 2009 as Wal-Mart concept and has spent tens of millions of dollars on gift cards and has sold as much in discounted gift cards from famous retail brands. The pitch from Card cash addresses the glaring presence of unused gift cards in the hands of the public, literally billions of dollars worth of unused gift cards. This phenomenon was such an unseen development in the gift card industry. Believe it or not, retailers know how much money in gift cards never gets spent, so CardCash urges holders of unused gift cards to visit their CardCash website and do the simple, quick process of getting cash out of the unused gift card or going for another discounted gift card in exchange.

They offer cash up to 92-percent of the face value of the card, and on trade-ins, they add a discount to the price. It’s a simple process. Just go to the sell gift card page, enter the retailer name and the balance, and get an offer immediately. You can choose whether you want to accept it or not. Use the trade-in feature to solve your shopping woes. If you don’t like one store’s inventory and prefer to shop at another, just swap cards at CardCash. They trade in or buy physical cards and digital codes. You can buy a physical card from them or go for a digital code and know immediately the percentage of the money you saved. With digital codes, in particular, this seems like a great way to save money immediately.

CardCash has done surveys and found that while physical gift cards have grown in number at about a six-percent annual rate, digital cards have grown at a rate of 200 percent. Most retailers are currently offering digital gift cards. If you find one that’s not, it’s going to do so soon. So, digital cards are10 percent of the total gift card industry today. Sixty-percent of CashCArd’s business is in digital gift cards.

CardCash reaches out to retailers to form partnerships using gift cards as a sophisticated and beneficial income stream for both consumers and the retailer to create a revenue stream and better compete in the digital future.

The CardCash site also offers blogs about topics like financing college, celebrating holidays, discount alerts and even a blog on what to do with your used-up physical gift card when you’ve decided to discard it. For example, they suggest you use punches and produce guitar picks or glue together discarded cards to make a Smartphone stand. These tips come with YouTube videos.


Raise is a company on a mission to increase your spending power, and in that sense, you give yourself a raise. This growing company is serious about buying consumers unused gift cards and offering them as discounted cards to the public. The purchasing power of over two million consumers has been increased by Raise since its founding in 2013 and the company has paid out over $150 million in payouts.

Raise brings up the obvious situation right at the start of a consumer’s shopping expedition. Has the consumer checked for deals at the site before shopping? If a consumer is shopping at a retailer like Target, Home Depot or Macy's, are there gift cards available at Raise to save the consumer money? If the consumer is shopping online, have they searched the Raise database for the brand, category or value, or added value to their electronic account? This company attitude is great for consumers looking to sell their gift cards. The demand goes up and up. Raise offers free shipping for physical cards, so consumers can realize significant savings just by buying discounted gift cards.

The process is simple. Go to the Sell Gift Card page and enter the retailer’s name. That takes you to the details page where you enter the card number, the pin number and the balance. Raise will post an offer even while you’re entering the data. You can choose to accept the offer or decline. If you accept, go to the method of payment and choose between mailed check, PayPal or ACH direct deposit to your bank. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Raise provides countless links to retailers so you can check your gift card balance at the website with any gift card.

Trade & Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Online or Near 8 Places

Gift Card Spread

Gift Card Spread is about the difference, that is, the spread, between what you want to receive for your gift cards and what they’re willing to pay for it. This is a fascinating approach. If you go to a different gift card website, you may be disappointed by what sounds like a low-ball offer for your gift card. So Gift Card Spread asks you to open up the bidding process to best get to the price you want. There’s no guarantee they’ll accept what you bid, but in twenty-four hours you’ll have a friendly counter offer.

If you accept to sell it at whatever price, set up an account and enter the gift card details. Ship the gift card to their Chicago location and they will credit your account. The site believes you’ll be happier with their service because nobody will tell you what your card is worth.


Craigslist doesn’t seem like the first place consumers would look to buy gift cards, but the truth is people sell gift cards on Craigslist all the time. That’s not to say there are lists and lists of gift cards for sale. In a mid-sized American market, five gift cards might pop up for sale and only three might turn out to be gift card offers. Can you imagine why anyone would sell a gift card on Craigslist? You can cut out all the middle man stuff and get as good a deal as you can. That’s the perception. You can make more for a Target gift card on Craigslist than anywhere else.

There are many problems selling gift cards on Craigslist, and it’s well documented. Without the security the middleman provides, you’re just out there in the cold street selling a gift card. People sell many things on Craigslist and usually, nothing bad happens. At least, someone will lowball offer your gift card and get right in your grill and hope to intimidate you into selling at a low price. At worse, someone will use a stolen credit card to buy the gift card, then sell it on eBay quickly so the transaction cannot be tracked. With gift card selling, you’re even more at risk than ordinary sales because the gift card can be so easily flipped by some unscrupulous person. So do honest people successfully sell their gift cards on Craigslist?

People aren’t much interested in buying gift cards on Craigslist because the scam angle is so much stronger on the seller side than the buyer side. Unscrupulous sellers might sell you a gift card with an active balance a consumer can check, but store it electronically and burn it before the consumer gets a chance to use the card. It happens. You may not get responses selling a so-so gift card on Craigslist, but it would be hard to resist a big box store or big retail store gift card if they were offered there. If you have the right card, list it and say cash sale only, and see if you get any bites. Of course, don’t scam anyone ever.


eBay allows you to sell gift cards online, but with restrictions. Because of the problems with fraud, eBay sets up strict guidelines to sell gift cards, and as anything you do with eBay, know the rules to follow or you could find you’re unable to sell anything there at all. They may even suspend your privilege to buy there if you don’t follow the rules.

This is the middle-man talking to you at eBay. It is nothing like the middleman service you get at a gift card exchange website, but it’s more of a middleman than you’ll find at Craigslist. When consumers do transactions at eBay, they must follow certain rules that are true for all transactions there, and that does give you a certain layer of security when you sell your gift card too. Be certain to understand everything about eBay before you sell there because they charge fees and percentages that might make doing a gift-card exchange there completely impractical. Becoming an eBay seller is so rife with pitfalls that whole books are written on the subject. The best seller at eBay are knowledgeable ones who are concerned with their reputations.

Sell in Person at Kiosks

Gift Card Exchange is the most popular gift card kiosk. It’s the yellow box in grocery stores and at retailers, and it’s the absolute fastest way to exchange money for unwanted gift cards. It might also be the method with the most low-ball offers. You enter the details about the gift card into the box and it brings back an offer. If you ‘re satisfied with the offer, the kiosk will issue you a voucher you can take to the register to exchange for money. The kiosk can be swiped or your magnetic stripe card can be held up to a scanner. It reads the balance. The kiosk will also ask for our phone number and scan your State-issued identification, like a driver’s license. You’ll also have to enter other information that is associated with the card, like a pin number. It will also require a credit card number. You can decline or accept the offer. If you decline, the machine will return the gift card and end the transaction. Nothing will be exchanged.


From online exchange forums to in-store kiosks, selling and trading your gift card for cash has never been easier. As a matter of fact, some gift card buyers have partnered with national retailers to make the process one-hundred times easier. With so many trading platforms, there’s no reason to let your gift card expire. Not only that, but you can also receive up to 90% or more of the gift card’s face value. To ensure you get the best deal when you sell your gift card, we have answered numerous questions to clear your doubts.

Selling Gift Cards for Cash

Almost everyone has received a gift card they never ended up using. Instead of letting it go to waste, you should consider selling your card for cash. Nowadays, there are many trustworthy places to sell your card, drastically reducing the risk of fraud. You can sell both plastic and physical cards, either in-person or online. Once the balance is verified, you will receive a check or deposit in no time.

Can you exchange gift cards for cash?

Yes, you can exchange gift cards for cash. Many websites, including Raise and Cardpool, will mail you a check for your unwanted gift card. These sites buy both physical and digital cards.

Where can I exchange gift cards for cash?

Start with Gift Card Granny if you want to exchange gift cards for cash. Although this site doesn’t buy gift cards directly, they have a comparison tool that shows you what other sites will pay.

Can you exchange gift cards?

Yes, you can easily exchange gift cards online. GC Spread is just one of many websites that will buy your gift cards for cash. You can always exchange gift cards on social media platforms as well.

How to exchange gift cards?

First, make sure to verify your gift card’s balance and then obtain proof. Then, create a post on the RefundSweepers forum, describing what you have and what you want.

Where can I trade gift cards for cash?

If you live by a Community Financial Service Centers location, you can visit in-person and sell your gift card for cash. CFSC will give you cash instantly for your card.

How to swap gift cards for cash?

EJ Gift Cards buy cards instantly for cash. Just enter the brand and available balance and then you’ll receive an offer. Payments are made through PayPal after you enter the card details.

How does gift card exchange work?

Gift card exchange is when you trade in your unwanted gift card for either cash or a different gift card. If you opt for cash, you will receive a check or deposit after the exchange platform verifies the balance.

How to exchange gift cards for PayPal?

CardCash is one of several websites that pay you via PayPal for your gift cards. The maximum they will pay you for your cards is 92% of the face value.

How to exchange a gift card for full value?

Since gift card exchanges need to make a profit somehow, it’s very hard to sell a card for full value. Your best bet is to see if a friend or family member will buy the card off you.

How to trade gift cards for cash?

QuickCashMI will give you cash for your gift cards. They both physical cards and digital cards. After sending them your cards, QuickCashMI sends a check out within one day.

Can you exchange digital gift cards for cash?

Yes, just because a gift card is digital, doesn’t mean you can’t exchange it for cash. Raise is one of the few websites that will buy digital gift cards.

How to exchange AmEx gift card for cash?

The first thing you’ll need to do is use the AmEx card to get a prepaid Visa gift card that has a pin number. Then, buy a money order at Walmart and deposit the funds into your own bank account.

Exchanging Different Types of Cards

From Bed Bath and Beyond to Fandango, you can exchange virtually any type of gift card online. The amount you receive depends on how in-demand the retailer or restaurant is. Some websites may only pay 50% of the value, whereas others will pay up to 90%. The below questions will help learn more about where you can sell various types of cards and how much you will receive:

Can I exchange a Macy's gift card for cash?

Yes, you can exchange Macy’s gift cards for cash. GiftCash will give you the most for your card, around 81% of the face value. They pay via check and PayPal.

How to exchange iTunes gift cards for cash?

One of the best ways to exchange an iTunes gift card for cash is to sell it on Gameflip. Since this is a marketplace site, the sale isn’t instant. However, you can get up to 85% of the face value.

How to exchange iTunes gift card for Google Play?

The reddit giftcardexchange lets you swap your gift card with redditors for ones you actually want. Make sure to read the safe trading guide before entering a deal.

How to trade visa gift cards for cash?

It’s possible to use a Visa gift card to buy a Western Union money order at the UPS store. To get the cash, you would have to endorse the money order to yourself. Some people acquire these as free gift cards when they complete surveys.

Can you exchange Starbucks gift cards for cash?

Yes, in fact, you can sell your Starbucks on eBay and get around 80% of the face value in cash (after fees). Keep in mind that there’s always a slight risk when you sell on eBay.

Can I trade my Best Buy gift card for cash?

Yes, it’s very easy to trade your Best Buy gift card for cash. Save Ya is one of many websites that will give you cash for your Best Buy gift card.

Can you exchange a Kohl's gift card for cash?

Yes, all Kohl’s gift cards can be exchanged for cash if they still have value. To get a quote, you visit Usell to see what websites are currently buying Kohl’s gift cards.

How to exchange American Express gift card for cash?

One of the best ways to exchange American Express gift cards for cash is to pay yourself on Venmo. They allow prepaid cards and you won’t have to pay any fees.

Can you exchange Barnes and Noble gift cards for cash?

Yes, you can exchange Barnes and Noble gift cards for cash. Card Kangaroo, for example, will pay around 72% of the face value for a Barnes and Noble gift card.

Where to trade Amazon gift cards?

Sell Me Gift Card is a website designed solely for buying Amazon gift cards. The website pays via PayPal and they give you an offer within seconds. You can also earn free Amazon gift cards. Check out Survey Junkie reviews for more info on this method.

Can I exchange my AMC gift card for cash?

Yes, you can exchange your AMC gift card for cash. Most websites will pay you between 50 to 65% of the face value. You’ll receive the cash via check, PayPal, or ACH transfer.

Can I exchange a Home Depot gift card for cash?

Many websites and brick-n-mortar stores will buy your Home Depot gift cards from you. Check Into Cash lists Home Depot and one of the gift cards they buy.

How much can I exchange for a Boston gift card?

On average, you can exchange a Boston Market or Boston Pizza gift card for around 60% of the face value. If you sell it on a marketplace website, you could get around 80%.

How to exchange cheesecake gift card?

Many people buy, sell, and exchange gift cards on Sythe. This is a forum that doubles as a marketplace, so you will have to wait for a buyer before getting the cash for your card.

Gift Card Kiosks

One of the easiest ways to sell a gift card is to visit a kiosk at a store near you. You can find these self-service machines at grocery stores, shopping malls, and department stores. They function similar to an ATM machine. You simply insert the card and the machine verifies the balance. Then, you receive an offer and you can either accept or reject it. However, the prevent fraud, there are a few extra measures built-in to these machines.

Can I exchange gift cards for cash at Safeway?

Yes, you can exchange gift cards for cash at Safeway if the store has a Cardpool kiosk or cashier. You can see if your local Safeway offers this service using their online locator.

Does Walmart exchange gift cards for cash?

No, Walmart does not exchange gift cards for cash. Select Walmart stores do have Coinstar kiosks (now owned by Cardpool) where you may be able to sell your gift card for cash.

Where is a Coinstar gift card exchange?

To see if there is a Coinstar gift card exchange nearby, you can use their find a kiosk tool. According to their website, they have over 20,000 kiosks in four different countries.

Where can I find a gift card exchange kiosk?

You can find gift card exchange kiosks in various malls, department, and grocery stores. Check out this locator to see if there is a kiosk near you where you can sell your card for cash.

What gift card exchange offers immediate payment?

One of the few gift card exchanges services that offers an immediate payout is Cardpool. Their machines check your balance instantly and they make you an offer afterward.

How do gift card exchange machines work?

You’ll need to swipe or scan your gift card, select the brand, and then enter the gift card’s pin. Before giving you the cash, kiosks require you to insert your driver’s license and credit card to avoid fraud.

Can you exchange gift cards at Kroger?

Yes, Kroger has a partnership with Cardpool and you can exchange gift cards at over 200 stores using self-serve machines. These machines will pay you up to 92% of the face value.

Swapping Gift Cards

Don’t like gift card you just got for your Birthday? Instead of selling it for cash, you could swap it for a different gift card. The advantage to this is that you could get a gift card of equal value. When you sell a card for cash, you’ll hardly ever receive the face value. The below questions will give you more insight on how to swap your gift cards:

How to swap gift cards on Plastic Jungle?

Unfortunately, Plastic Jungle no long exists. If you go to their website, you will be redirected to CardCash. With that said, CardCash still lets you swap gift cards for cash.

How to swap gift cards for other gift cards?

There are few groups on Facebook where you can swap gift cards, including the group titled Gift Card Exchange. Make sure to use your best judgement when using social media to swap cards.

Can I trade a gift card for another gift card?

Yes, and the best places to exchange your gift cards are forums. Many people use Reddit and gaming forums to find people to swap their cards with. Most importantly, it’s completely free.

Can you swap gift cards at CVS?

No, CVS does not have any services that let you swap gift cards at their stores. On the other hand, stores such as Target and Walmart do have kiosks where you can exchange your cards.

Can I exchange a Nordstrom gift card for cash?

Yes, there are many places that let you sell your Nordstrom gift card for cash. In fact, you can list your gift card for sale on a Facebook buy and sell group to receive the most for it.

Can you exchange Xbox live gift cards for subscription?

A standard Xbox gift card does not let you buy a subscription on the Xbox store. However, you can use your Xbox gift card to buy an Xbox live gold subscription directly on the Microsoft store.

How to exchange restaurant gift cards?

Virtually every gift card exchange platform will buy your restaurant gift card. Monster Gift Card buys cards from hundreds of restaurants, including A&W and Applebee’s. If you don’t see a restaurant, you can also request a merchant. There are also apps for saving money on this kind of stuff.

Can you exchange Apple Store gift card for iTunes?

Yes, but not through Apple. The best way to get an iTunes gift card would be to sell your Apple Store card for cash. You should note that you cannot use Apple Store gift cards on iTunes.

Where to Sell Gift Cards

Since gift cards are practically cash, it’s important to find a reputable platform to sell them on. Fortunately, there are a number of trustworthy companies (both online and offline) that will buy them off you. While most of these companies buy big-name gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, etc.), it’s harder to find a place that buys lesser-known cards. To help you find the perfect place to sell your card for cash, take a glance at some of the below questions:

Does Amazon exchange gift cards?

No, Amazon does not exchange gift cards. In fact, you can’t even buy another gift card on their website with an Amazon gift card. For example, if you wanted a Visa gift card, you would need a valid credit or debit card.

Can you trade gift cards for cash at GameStop?

No, you can’t trade gift cards for cash at GameStop. However, GameStop did partner with Cardpool back in 2014, so you can trade your other unwanted gift cards for GameStop ones.

Can you exchange gift cards for cash at target?

No, Target does not let you exchange gift cards for cash. That said, there is a Target Trade-in Program powered by CExchange that lets you trade in your unwanted gift cards for Target gift cards.

Can you exchange gift cards at Publix?

No, you cannot exchange gift cards at Publix or cash or other gift cards. The closest you can get to exchanging a card is if you use a gift card to buy another one.

How to trade unwanted gift cards?

If you have a gift card you don’t want, you can create an ad on Craigslist. There’s a chance you could get a higher price for your gift card and you won’t have to pay any fees.

Where to exchange gift cards for cash in person?

Many Pay Day Loan businesses, including USA Payday Loans Store, buy gift cards in person. All stores will verify the balance beforehand and most require you to present a state I.D.

Does Walgreens exchange gift cards?

No, Walgreens does not currently exchange gift cards. You would have to go to a store with a Cardpool kiosk, such as Safeway and some Target locations in the electronic department.

Can you exchange gift cards at Shoppers?

No, you can’t exchange gift cards at Shoppers. The store itself doesn’t buy back gift cards nor do they have kiosks where you can sell your cards for cash.

Can you exchange gift cards at Giant Eagle?

Yes, Giant Eagle added kiosks to the stores back in 2013, allowing customers to exchange their gift cards for cash instantaneously. These kiosks were originally called Alula but are now part of Cardpool.