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I've had a big change in my work schedule which has caused me to become less visible around the web, so I thought I'd update y'all on why.

I recently had an opportunity to take a voluntary leave of absence from my desk job and work on a 2-month project (no, I've not been fired; this is temporary) where I'm on my feet all day, doing repetitive physical labor and working with my hands. I wanted a change to help get out of the sitting on my ass rut at work, so I took it.

This means that I'm not in front of a computer during the day to respond to comments, visit other personal finance sites, or interact on Twitter (my apologies to all my friends). When I get home I'm too tired to visit my own site, let alone open my email or surf the web. I haven't checked my Google Analytics in days, and I don't know what my Alexa ranking is anymore.

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't easy to transition from a desk job to hard work. My back aches sometimes at night. I'm exhausted and filthy at the end of the day. My hands are in constant pain from repetitive motions and are covered in paper cuts and rubber-band burns (I'm working with large stacks of cardstock).

But it feels great.

It feels great to be waking up early and keeping the blood flowing and the heart rate up most of the day. It feels great to not have to worry about high-level projects that are being sabotaged intentionally and unintentionally by idiots. It feels great that my phone doesn't ring after I get home from work because someone is depending on me 24/7.

Brent from On Target Coaching asked in a comment on my last post what my philosophy of work is. He thought I was coming across as someone who dislikes work, which isn't entirely true (though I can see why I come across that way sometimes).

I'd say I enjoy work that makes sense and serves a purpose. In my career, I spend a lot of time at work with nothing to do, on call. There is no reason I can't be at home, except my bosses are jerks.  Needless to say, I've grown intolerant of people who are unable to work smarter, not harder. I am also disdainful of the “work until you die” movement, which I also referenced in my last post.

This is why I like blue-collar work. It makes sense and you are done at quitting time. I think we've made a big mistake in this country by intentionally destroying blue-collar America. I hope it's not because the plutocrats that run our country think lesser of working people, people who didn't want to go to college, or who weren't right for college.

They forget that we need to make more than just money in this country.


Life is About More than Work

Someone recently shared with me their formula for dividing up the day:

I spend eight hours working, eight hours with family, and eight hours sleeping.

Obviously this won't work for everyone, especially business owners, but I thought it sounded like a pretty good division. Heck, it doesn't always work for me, as my job comes with busy seasons where I work more hours.

I dread being at a party or out on the town and get into a conversation that involves “So what do you do for a living?” I hate answering it or discussing it with people. I guess it tells you a lot about someone to know their chosen profession, but it isn't a part of what I would call a stimulating conversation. I'd rather someone ask me if I have kids. or about my hobbies.


New Online Project

I've also been working on a new website/business to offer high-end luxury tours of Istria, Croatia. I've built much of the site, and I'll let you all have a peek at it soon.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in learning more about it, or has any advice on growing a travel/tourism website, shoot me a note.


Carnival Update

I've been pretty bad about acknowledging those sites that have featured my articles in recent weeks, so here they are.