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I love to read.  I've always been a sort of bookworm, as far back as I can remember.  My childhood summers growing up included a lot of time reading.  I love fiction.  When I was a kid I loved the Ramona books and Great Brain books.  When I got older, I started reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  Now, I have a list of preferred authors and genres.  I also have a new way to find stuff to read.  It's called BookBub.

If you've never heard of BookBub, don't worry, until just a few months ago, neither had I.

My New Kindle

For Christmas, I got a Kindle reader.  Prior to that I did all of my reading the old fashioned way: reading books.  Most books, I obtained from the local library.

But, I'd started thinking that I wanted a Kindle more and more.  The biggest reason I wanted one is because of our camping trips.  We go camping a lot during the summer, usually over 20 nights per year.  These trips often provide the perfect opportunity to get in some reading time, so I would bring along a few books.

Now, if you've ever camped, you know that space is at a premium.  Even though we have a 23′ trailer, it still gets packed full, especially during weeklong trips.  For most trips, I would bring around four books.  I could usually read, on average, two books, but I would always have extra, for a couple of reasons.  One would be if I was already partway through a book.  Another is that since I often get books on a whim, I'd bring some extra just in case I came across a dud.

Still, four books takes up quite a bit of room comparatively, so I thought that an eReader would help.  I wanted a Kindle because of the ease of it all.  After all, Amazon  makes anything easy.

BookBub Finds Deals On eBooks

So where does BookBub come in?  Easy.  It finds deals on books and sends you a list every day.  Each day I get an e-mail with a list of four or five books that I might like.  It determines this because, when I signed up, I spent a few minutes checking my favorite authors and favorite categories.  It also uses information on what book deals I click on to further provide better information.

So, each day I get a list of deals.  Because I have a Kindle, I exclusively get deals for items in the Kindle Store.  A book that might retail for $9.99 will be on sale, and I'll get notified.  Clicking on the deal takes me right to Amazon's page where I can read the synopsis, check out reviews, and if I like the deal, I can purchase it on the spot.

It's pretty much the easiest thing I've ever done!

BookBub Deals

So you might be wondering, what are the actual deals?  Great question.

Most of the deals I see are between the price of $0.00 (yep, free) and $1.99.

That's right, many of the books are absolutely free.  Plus, I've paid for a couple that looked really good.  Right now, I have about 15 unread books on my Kindle that I've probably paid a grand total of less than $10 for.  You can't really beat that.

We went to the beach last month, and I decided to pilot test my process.  At that time, I had about 10 books, and I read three during our trip.  It could not have been easier.

My Full Process For Finding Books Using BookBub (and other sites)

When a book appears on my list, I'll look at the Amazon page if it interests me.  But, I'll also look at Goodreads.  This

Image courtesy of morguefile via beanworks

is a site that has more comprehensive views as well as a star rating that I think is more accurate for people that love to read.

So, when I get my daily e-mail I will:

  • See if the 2-3 line summary plus the price piques my interest
  • Go over to Goodreads and look at a few reviews
  • If I'm still interested, I'll go back to the e-mail and click the link.  This takes me to the Amazon store.
  • I'll purchase the deal.
  • The book shows up on my Kindle next time I'm on Wi-Fi.

It's pretty sweet.

Note: This is not a sponsored post nor was I compensated in any way.  I just think BookBub is awesome so I decided to write this all on my own!

Readers, do you use BookBub or any other type of similar source to find book deals?  What about other hobbies outside reading? Do you have a BookBub type service that helps with your favorite hobbies?  Please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!