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This site is about debt, life, and trying to improve yourself. I’m also a huge proponent of having fun along the way so that you never have gigantic regrets. That said, you don’t have to fall further into debt to have fun!


Traveling just sounds expensive, right? It can be but that isn’t a requirement. If you are setting aside 5% of your budget for fun, you can travel, whether that is less than $100 or thousands.   Here are some ideas:

  • If you live near a port city like Galveston, off season cruises can be as little as $300 total per person for 5 days out and about!
  • If you live near state parks or any sort of wilderness trail, you could have a fantastic day of hiking, fishing, camping, etc. for the cost of gas and maybe the entry fee for a maintained park.
  • If you are close to a Megabus terminal, you can make it to other cities and couch surf to have a fun weekend for less than $40 plus food!
  • Find a bed and breakfast nearby and have a great time for the cost of gas and the B&B!
  • Road trips for just 3-4 hours will take you out of your comfort zone and feel like an adventure.


Gambling all the time is NOT a good idea. But if your idea of fun is to risk a little money to win even more, that is doable with your fun money too!   For a couple of bucks a week, you could buy your state’s lotto tickets if they have them. Or you can use your bit of fun money on online sites like Sky Vegas and see what happens. Or if you have the time and extra money for gas, you can drive to bingo halls or casinos near you.

I live in Houston, TX, so we drive to Louisiana once in a while to push our luck. In college, we wondered if we could make money online gambling? We played poker and ended up breaking pretty much even after several months. My husband and I never became professional players, lol.

Gambling can be a safe thrill as long as you always remember – never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose!

Nearly Free Fun

If you are really tight on fun money at any point, here are some ideas that are nearly free:

  • Feed the ducks near you with old bread or bird seed.
  • Walk your neighborhood or even city with your loved ones.
  • Keep an eye out for free days at the museums and zoos in local publications.
  • Go to the local library and grab a book, DVD, or audio book.
  • Invite some friends over for a movie night at home! We take turns bringing DVD’s of our favorites or some awful movie we just happen to own, and we talk all over the movies and have a great time!

Overall, you can have fun on any budget. Saving money, paying off debts, and growing your financial self are all very worthy and attainable aims. Just make sure you don’t forget that life isn’t really about money. Being self-sufficient and affording your lifestyle are very important. So is making sure that on the day you pass on, you aren’t forced to acknowledge that you never actually enjoyed the time you had here…you just survived it until you didn’t anymore. That would be the largest regret ever.