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Verizon Wireless

Why Verizon Wireless?

  • Verizon Wireless offers exceptionally strong signal for reliable connectivity.
  • You can choose from three types of plans: unlimited, family, and prepaid plans.
  • There are also different types of unlimited plans to choose what fits your needs best.
  • Verizon offers great options for devices and great customer support in-store.

Try Verizon Wireless

Are you searching for a new service carrier? You’re probably really interested in learning more about why Verizon seems to be so set apart from the rest. It’s definitely good thinking to check out the new unlimited plans they offer. We think you’re on the right track.

Verizon Wireless Phone and Plans Cost ReviewHigh Quality Service at The Right Price

Some people think Verizon is a lot more expensive than their competitors, but they are all basically in the same price range when it comes to unlimited plans. Verizon is slightly higher priced when you sign up for three lines or more.

The advantages of an exceptionally strong signal completely justify the difference. We’ll go over the basics of what makes this carrier one of the best choices out there. It’s all about performance.

You have three main options to choose from. You can get an unlimited plan, a family plan, or a prepaid plan. The unlimited plans are great for people who use a lot of data. The family plans are a good choice for those who don’t use much data. Prepaid is perfect for single line users.

 Verizon Unlimited Plans

You have Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Above Unlimited to choose from. They all provide unlimited 4G data with the possibility of reduced speeds during high signal traffic. You’ll get unlimited talk and text too. The coolest benefit is that you actually get mobile HotSpot data as well. There are some differences between each service plan that we’ll get into.

You can see from the prices listed that Verizon is sometimes cheaper than other providers. If you’ll save money by switching with the same amount of lines, then you should seriously consider doing it. You can have up to ten lines on a single account. If it costs a little more, then you should weigh the benefits. You’ll probably see pretty fast that it’s worth it after you learn what’s included.

Verizon Wireless Phone and Plans Cost Review

Verizon Unlimited Features For Every Plan

All three unlimited plans are similar, but the big difference for you is going to be data throttling. You really do have limitless data with these deals. The issue is going to be how fast it is when the service provider is under heavy signal use in your area. Basically what that means is that if the area you are in has a lot of people using their cellular data, then your data is going to be a little slower.

All of these plans come with unlimited talk and text. They also include unlimited texting and data in over 140 countries worldwide. That’s an amazing feature for anyone that likes to travel a lot.

 Data Throttling

The Go Unlimited plan doesn’t guarantee any set amount of high-speed 4G. You’re internet speed can change at any time. The other two options give you a guaranteed amount of high-speed to a certain point. Beyond Unlimited gives you 22 gigabytes before throttling.

Above Unlimited will get you 75 gigabytes every month before throttling can occur. That doesn’t mean it will happen after that set amount, but you’ll probably experience it at some point. By getting a higher level plan you make your data the priority to Verizon signal towers.

  •  Go Unlimited : Unlimited Data Subject To Throttling
  •  Beyond Unlimited: 22 GB High-Speed Data Then Unlimited Data Subject To Throttling
  •  Above Unlimited: 75 GB High-Speed Data Then Unlimited Data Subject To Throttling

 Video Streaming Quality

Video quality is measured by pixels. The lowest plan will easily stream 480 pixels in your applications. That’s good enough to enjoy Netflix and YouTube With no problem. Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited both offer 720 pixel streaming. It really just depends on your preference. A newer phone is going to perform to its real potential with the better streaming quality levels.

  •  Go Unlimited : 480 Pixel Streaming Quality
  •  Beyond Unlimited: 720 Pixel Streaming Quality
  •  Above Unlimited: 720 Pixel Streaming Quality

 Mobile HotSpot Data

Go Unlimited will get you the best unlimited data plan that’s at 600 kilobytes per second. That’s not great, but you might never even need to use a HotSpot. It’s not necessarily a make-or-break point for everyone.

Beyond Unlimited Provides 15 gigabytes of HotSpot data that isn’t throttled. Above Unlimited Includes 20 gigabytes of data before reduced speeds. When that high-speed runs out your HotSpot will be the same speed as that of the Go Unlimited plan.

Netflix recommends a minimum of 1.5 Megabytes per second to stream in standard quality. That’s about three times more than the reduced speed of your mobile HotSpot. You probably won’t get a good experience trying to use your laptop on it after the speed is reduced. Keep that in mind if you need to use your HotSpot often for work.

  •  Go Unlimited : No High-Speed HotSpot Data With Unlimited 600 KBPS
  •  Beyond Unlimited: 15 GB Of High-Speed HotSpot Data With Unlimited 600 KBPS
  •  Above Unlimited: 20 GB Of High-Speed HotSpot Data With Unlimited 600 KBPS

 Verizon Cloud

The Above Unlimited plan is the only one that includes Verizon Cloud storage. You’ll get 500 gigabytes of online save space to save files, pictures, and things like that. It’s a cool added bonus for anyone who wants to make the most of it.

  •  Go Unlimited : No Included Verizon Cloud Storage
  •  Beyond Unlimited: No Included Verizon Cloud Storage
  •  Above Unlimited: 500 GB Of Included Verizon Cloud Storage

Verizon Wireless Phone and Plans Cost Review

Differences Between Go Unlimited And Beyond Unlimited

These two plans have a price difference of around 20 percent on average. You’ll get much more out of the Beyond Unlimited plan when using all its features. Having that amazingly fast 22 gigabytes of data will be the decision maker for most people. At least you’ll never have to really worry about getting a slower connection in the middle of browsing your favorite social media site.

The mobile HotSpot speed difference will matter to anyone who has kids that need to use their tablets on long trips. It’s also perfect for entrepreneurs who need to use their laptops for work while traveling. Go Unlimited is a great choice for saving a few bucks, but it doesn’t stand up to the data demands on HotSpot devices.

 Family Plans Versus Unlimited Plans

Family plans are the traditional type of plans that everyone used a decade ago. You get unlimited talk and text. Your data is capped off. To get more data access you’ll have to purchase it by the gigabyte.

They way family plans work is a little more complicated than unlimited plans. You can get 2 to 8 gigabytes of data that can be shared between up to 10 separate lines. Each line has a line access fee which depends on the device you are using. Tablets and HotSpots are $10 each per month. Smartphones can cost up to $40 each per month. You’ll need to pay a line access fee for each device, and you’ll also need to pay for the data option you choose.

 Family Plan Line Access Fees

This is basically your access to the network provider. You’ll pay the amount applicable for each device.

  •  Tablets: $10 Per Month
  •  Mobile HotSpots: $10 Per Month
  •  Smart Phones: $20-$40 Per Month Depending On The Device

 Family Plan Data Prices

You’ll need some form of data on your plans to sign up. It can be shared between multiple lines, or you can set it for single line use. These aren’t the only data options, but you’ll get the idea of what most people decide to go with.

  •  Small 2 GB Data Plan: $35 Per Month
  •  Medium 4 GB Data Plan: $50 Per Month
  •  Large 8 GB Data Plan: $70 Per Month
  •  Additional Data Boost: $15 Per GB

 Are Family Plans A Good Choice?

The prices for single lines might look great when you don’t think about the line access fees. Looking at the prices you’ll see that a single line on a family plan with 8 gigabytes of data will cost around $110 a month. An Above Unlimited plan only costs $95 per month with the best data connection available.

Another huge point that you really need to take into consideration is the cost of data-boost charges. When your data runs out it’s not just going to reduce in speed on a family plan. You’re going to have to pay per gigabyte for any data you go over each month. That can add up really quick, so it’s best to keep an eye on your data usage at all times on a limited plan.

If you’re not going to use any data for entertainment, then a family plan might work for you. For everyone else it is a good idea to go with an unlimited plan in the long-term. A prepaid plan for each family member might even be a good option. At least you won’t have to worry about those extra data charges.

Verizon Wireless Phone and Plans Cost Review

 Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans are straight forward. There’s no contract. A single line can cost anywhere from $30 per month to $70 per month for unlimited data. Each additional line on prepaid plan can be discounted up to $20 depending on the amount of data for that line. The $30 level only comes with half a gigabyte of data. It’s almost the same as having no data at all.

You’ll have to purchase your own phone without any financing options. These unlimited lines are always subject to throttling too. You can think of prepaid as a step below the Go Unlimited plan for only 5$ less. Three-line prepaid plans actually cost $20 more than a Go Unlimited plan. It’s about the same as a family plan, but it doesn’t have the risk of extra data charges being applied to your bill.

 Available Devices

Verizon stays updated with the latest devices. You’ve got dozens of options if you want to finance a phone. You can purchase your device outright from a Verizon store as well. They range from the latest smartphones to more old-fashioned flip phones. You can even bring your own device that you’ve purchased through another retailer. They don’t guarantee support for older devices. Here’s a list of brands that Verizon dealers keep on hand.

  •  iPhone IOS And Apple Devices
  •  Samsung Galaxy And Samsung Tablet Devices
  •  Google Pixel And A Large Variety of Android IOS Devices

 How Great is the Coverage?

Verizon’s coverage is virtually unmatched in its signal strength. There are very few places left in the United States that don’t get full 4G LTE coverage through Verizon’s network. It’s nearly impossible to find any dead-spots within any coastal region. Every major city in the country gets magnificent coverage. Even places you might consider remote will likely have access to great data speeds through Verizon.

There are countless charts you can look over that make this one of the best cell phone carriers and the obvious winner for best service coverage out of the top cellphone networks. Verizon really goes beyond the standards for reliability almost everywhere. They aren’t afraid to back up those claims with real statistics either.

 How Good is Customer Service?

The hard truth is that cellphone providers usually don’t have great customer service. Dealing with a problem over the phone can be very time consuming. You’re best bet is to go to a Verizon store to speak with a customer service representative in person.

If that’s not an option, then you’re next best course of action is to log into your account online. You can talk with a representative through their online chat. It get things done a little quicker since your account information is immediately available to customer service.

You can expect a somewhat long wait when calling into the customer service line. Verizon is constantly trying to keep up with demand. They could use a more efficient system to more readily meet customer’s needs. The worst part about calling is having to deal with multiple transfers between people. Following complicated directions over the phone is also a big hassle when problems arise.

If your having a data connection error, then just go to your nearest Verizon dealer to let them handle the technical side of things free-of-charge.

 The Verdict On Verizon Unlimited Plans

 The Value

The Go Unlimited plan is definitely better than a family plan for anyone who uses data on their device. The two higher level unlimited plans are the best choice because you get plenty of high-speed data without dealing with reduced speeds as soon. The above Unlimited plan is the best deal for mobile HotSpot devices.

 Reliability And Coverage

It seems like Verizon really can’t be beat when it comes to performance. You get the highest speeds available in most places. There’s nothing bad to be said about how good this network is all around the country.

 Customer Service And Dealing With Problems

Don’t waste your time making a phone call to the service line unless you absolutely have to. Find a Verizon store, or go find an authorized dealer. You can always make the most out of your online account by using the chat feature to speak with someone to resolve minor issues. Customer service isn’t great with Verizon, but the same could be said for all network provider companies.

 The Final Word On Verizon

Everyone seems to want the newest devices with the best internet connection possible. That’s exactly what Verizon is going to cater to. You’ll get the top performance you want almost anywhere you go. Their network is compatible with just about every popular device you can imagine.

The mobile HotSpot packages on their unlimited plans are perfect for doing business on the go. You can stream your favorite movies at the touch of your finger.

If you are looking to get service for your whole family, then you can’t go wrong with Verizon.

For other options, we also reviewed Sprint cell phone plans, AT&T wireless plans, and other cheap cell phone plans.


Verizon Monthly Plans

Verizon Wireless offers an array of plans. These include international, unlimited, shared and many others. Phone users with different lifestyles will find the plans offered by wireless suitable for their requirements.

How much is a basic Verizon wireless plan?

A basic Verizon wireless plans starts at $30 and increases in price based on added features and chosen benefits. Plans are offered to suite various lifestyles.

Does Verizon wireless have a shared data plan?

Yes, Verizon wireless has a shared data plan. They are identified as “S”, “M”, and “L”. These plans can be used for one person or it can be shared with family members. It is up to the consumer to decide which plan is ideal for them.

Does Verizon wireless offer international plans?

Verizon offers services that enables their users to connect with people abroad. They do not have exclusive international plans but add-ons that can be added to existing plans. However, their unlimited plans offer international talk, text and data in countries such as Canada and Mexico.

What are the plans for hotspot for Verizon wireless?

The plans that offers hotspot for Verizon wireless are the Connected Device Plans. These plans are ideal for individuals who use tablets and other related devices. Alternatively Boost Mobile hotspot plans are competitive as well. Ask if they have unlimited wifi hotspot plans too.

Does Verizon wireless have a family plan?

Explicit family plans are not offered by Verizon. However, they do have unlimited plans that permit additional lines to be added. Further discounts are applied with each added line.

How much is Verizon wireless unlimited plan?

Verizon wireless has three unlimited plans. The “go unlimited” starts at 40, and the “beyond unlimited” starts at $50. The final plan, “above unlimited, starts at $60.

Is Verizon wireless unlimited plan worth it?

Yes. If you talk, text and use data on your phone, you will find it beneficial to use a plan that offers extensive features. It limits the possibilities for any overage as it permits features that supersede standard plans.

What are the current Verizon wireless plans?

Verizon offers plans that fall under unlimited plans, shared plans, single device plans, and international plans. Individuals can choose what they need based on their needs.

Does Verizon wireless offer unlimited data plans?

Unlimited data plans are offered by Verizon, these plans are ideal for persons that use their phone incessantly. It offers comprehensive features that prove to be worth the cost.

Did Verizon wireless change data plans?

Verizon Plan Unlimited is no longer offered. However, there are other unlimited data plan options and other suitable plans consumers can choose from.

What is the best plan for Verizon wireless?

It is difficult to declare the best plan for Verizon wireless as their plans offer various features that suit different needs. Choosing the best plan is contingent on how you use your phone. For instance, if you use your phone frequently, an unlimited plan may prove to be more acceptable.

What is the new data plan from Verizon wireless?

Verizon has upgraded their Verizon Plan Unlimited. These new features include More 4G LTE data for Mobile Hotspot and Jetpacks, unlimited HD videos such as 720p for Smartphones and 1020p for tablets.

What is the cheapest plan for Verizon wireless?

The cheapest plan for Verizon wireless is the Basic plan, which offers 500MB of data at the price of $30 per month.

How to keep Verizon wireless unlimited data plan?

There are a new set of Verizon wireless unlimited data plans. However, for individuals that have the new Verizon Plan Unlimited, they do not have worry about changing it despite it no longer being available.

Is Verizon wireless unlimited plan really unlimited?

No, Verizon wireless unlimited plans are not completely unlimited, as only a specific amount of data is offered at a capped amount. For instance, the Above Unlimited plan, which the offers the highest amount of data is limited to 75GB.

How to get a discount on Verizon wireless plans?

Verizon offers wireless plans at a discounted price for seniors, veterans or active members in the military as well as corporate members who are eligible under their organization. You may also want to check out the best savings app which will show you current deals.

Do Verizon wireless plans supply nationwide service?

Yes, Verizon Wireless plans offer nationwide service. However, only specific plans offer this service. Exclusive nationwide plans are no longer offered.

How much is a Verizon wireless family plan?

The unlimited plans offered by Verizon, permit individuals to add one two more lines to the plan at a small cost. Therefore, a group of relatives can take advantage of a plan that matches their lifestyles and habits.

Does Verizon wireless have a senior plan?

Yes, Verizon Wireless has an unlimited 55 plus plan that enables persons that are 55 and over to receive extensive features at a discounted rate.

What is the lowest Verizon wireless plan?

The lowest Verizon Wireless plan starts at $30. This plan offers 500MB of data and other essential features which are great for persons that require a simple plan.

What are the plans for hotspot for Verizon wireless?

Connected Device Plans, which are suitable for tablets, and other related devices can take advantage of this hotspot feature.

What is the true price of Verizon wireless plan?

The true price of a Verizon wireless plan includes is the advertised price plus the addition of requires surcharges, government taxes and fees. These costs change without notice.

How much is Verizon wireless 4gb plan after fees?

The Verizon wireless 4gb plan is the advertised price plus the addition of compulsory taxes, fees and surcharges. These costs are contingent on the user’s location.

Does my existing Verizon wireless unlimited data plan throttle?

Throttling involves slowing down data speeds. Verizon wireless unlimited data plans offers data limits and once they are exceeded, they are slowed down until the following billing cycle.

Verizon Prepaid Plans

For phone users not seeking any obligation and preferring to live a carefree lifestyle, they will find prepaid plans beneficial. They allow users to add talk time and features to their phone on their terms.

Does Verizon wireless have a pay as you go plan?

Yes, Verizon has a pay as you go plan, known as their prepaid plans. These plans do not charge an activation fee.  Also, no contract and no credit check are required. Some readers have reported getting cheaper deals with Freedompop though. So check out our Freedompop review.

What are Verizon wireless prepaid plans?

Verizon’s wireless plans start at $30 for 500MB and as data increases, the price also does the same. For unlimited plans, individuals can expect to pay $70 per month.

How does Verizon wireless prepaid plan work?

Verizon’s wireless prepaid plan allows users to pay for their services in advance. This ensures that you stay within the allotted minutes and data for which you have paid.

How much are Verizon wireless prepaid plans?

The prices for Verizon’s wireless prepaid plans vary. However, a single device plan starts at $30 and increase depending on chosen features.

How do you choose prepaid Verizon wireless plan online?

If at any point you wish to change your prepaid Verizon wireless plan you can sign into My Verizon, access the Switch to the new 

Verizon Plan

and follow the steps on changing your plan.

What happens when a Verizon wireless prepaid plan expires?

Your Verizon wireless prepaid plan will not expire if renew your plan 60 days before the expiration date. If time surpasses, even by a day, your account will deactivate. To re-activate your account, you can so do by logging to My Verizon or calling customer service.

Does Verizon wireless have no contract plans?

Yes, Verizon’s prepaid plans offer no contract plans. Applicants are not required to submit a credit check nor are the expected to pay an activation fee.

Coverage/Service Area

Verizon’s Wireless service is highly revered for its extensive coverage and accessibility nationwide and internationally. The questions below answer some pending questions people may have regarding Verizon’s coverage and service area.

Does Verizon wireless nationwide plan cover Puerto Rico?

Yes, nationwide plans do cover Puerto Rico. However, call made to landline and mobile numbers must expect to pay standard international long-distance rates.

Does my Verizon wireless plan cover Canada?

The Verizon unlimited plans cover service in Canada and Mexico. However, if you are travelling you can add a travel pass which permits individuals to use domestic features overseas.

Does my Verizon wireless plan work in Hawaii?

If you have a Verizon wireless plan, it will work in Hawaii. Verizon offers service voice, data, and service to those living in/visiting Hawaii. If you're wanting to connect to Wifi for any reason then look for local internet providers with specials.

What is an installment plan for Verizon wireless?

An installment plan refers to money that is paid down on a device in increments.  This offered to persons that choose not to buy out a phone in full.

Does Verizon wireless offer no contract plans?

Yes, Verizon wireless provides no contract plans. Prepaid plans, allow users to enjoy services without the presence of a monthly contract which permits consumers to cancel at any time.

Updating or Cancelling Verizon Service

Verizon offer great service. However, situations arise that require customers to make changes and alter their current service, or they wish to cancel a service. Regardless of the choice, the questions provide assisting responses for persons considering these modifications.

How to cancel Verizon prepaid wireless plan?

People that are on a Verizon prepaid wireless plan can cancel at any time by simply avoiding putting minutes on their phone. However, for those on auto pay, they can cancel it by accessing their online service or by calling customer service.

How to remove a device from Verizon wireless plan?

If you wish to remove a device from a Verizon wireless plan, you can do so by accessing the “Manage connected devices” page. Follow the prompts to successfully delete the device.

How to cancel a line on Verizon wireless family plan

To remove a line on Verizon wireless family plan, sign into My Verizon. Under the Products & Apps Page Click on the Manage Your Products. Follow the prompts to remove the line from your family plan. Or, you can call customer service for their assistance.

How to turn off data Verizon wireless plan kids?

If you wish to control how your child utilizes data services, you can do so my accessing “My Plans and Services” on My Verizon. Go to “Family Safeguards and Controls”, choose the device and follow the prompts for setting data allowances.

How do I join a different plan Verizon wireless?

If you are currently with Verizon wireless and wish to switch your plan, you can contact customer service, or use online services to obtain a suitable plan.

How does Verizon wireless prorated change plan?

When you change your plan, before the beginning of your next billing cycle, you will be given a portion of the data allowance to use. The amount given is dependent on how far along you are in your current billing cycle.

Can I remove devices from my Verizon wireless plan?

Yes, removing devices from your Verizon wireless plan is quite simple and can be done on your own. The “Manage connected devices” page allows you to perform this action.

Did Verizon wireless stop discounted upgrade for More Everything Plan?

Yes, the More Everything Plan is no longer offered by Verizon Wireless, so customers that do not have this plan cannot upgrade. Only those who already have the plan can continue enjoying its features.

Does switching Verizon lte phones change your wireless plans?

No, you can change to any phone as long as you have a SIM card. Your plan will not change for switching but will continued to be billed the same.

Other Questions

Aside from questions about plans, other questions about Verizon such as insurance, VZ cloud storage, payment plans and others are often asked. This section offers responses to these inquiries.

Will a Verizon sim work on net10 wireless plan?

No, A Verizon sim will not work on a net10 wireless plan. However, a Verizon phone that is owned and out of a contact can used on the net10 network.

Is vz cloud storage included in Verizon wireless plans?

No, Verizon cloud storage does not come with Verizon wireless plans. Individuals must purchase this feature separately.

How does Verizon wireless insurance plan work?

Verizon wireless insurance plans provides protection for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. So, for example, if your device’s screen is cracked you can expect to have it repaired under your coverage.

Is Verizon wireless protection plan worth it?

If you are a person that has persistent bad luck with their phone, you will benefit from Verizon’s wireless protection plan. It protects damage, loss, theft and device malfunction.

Will Verizon wireless work out a payment plan?

Yes, if you are unable to pay your bills on time due to financial instability, a payment plan can be arranged to ensure that payment received on your bill.