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Virgin Mobile Phone Plan ReviewIf you're looking for a reliable and affordable cell phone plan, you may want to give Virgin Mobile a try. Virgin Mobile is one of the longlasting providers that has been around for many years. You won't have to wonder about its performance because millions of people have used the service over the years and have been happy with it.

The following piece contains information about Virgin Mobile and all of the plans it has to offer. You'll also read about the devices and what customers think about the company and its services. You can then make an honest decision about whether it's a good fit for you.

About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile USA came into existence in about 2001. It was a merger between Virgin and the Sprint Corporation, which is currently ranked as the fifth best mobile phone provider among them all. Virgin Mobile markets their services under the brand names Virgin Mobile, PayLo and Assurance Wireless.

Read the information so that you can make an educated decision about whether you want to sign up for their services. Some of the customers said positive things about Virgin Mobile's phone selections, as well.

Virgin Mobile Devices

Virgin Mobile offers a variety of mobile phones that all consumers can enjoy. Their inventory consists of everything that a person could possibly want. A consumer who doesn't care for the bells as whistles has the option of buying a plain phone such as the Alcatel Go flip phone. It's a bare essentials phone that has features such as a camera and up to eight hours worth of talk time. That phone is for people who aren't interested in the rise of cell phone technology and just want a phone for emergency purposes or everyday chat. The Alcatel Go flip phone is great for budget-conscious customers because it costs only $19.99, as well.

Virgin also has a slew of mid-range options for people who like smartphones but are just light users and not power users. Available options for those people are phones like the Coolpad Illumina and the Samsung J3 Achieve.

The Coolpad Illumina is an affordable phone that offers plenty of enjoyable features for newcomers. It has features such as the generous 5-inch touchscreen and the 5-megapixel front camera for clear picture taking. The Samsung J3 Achieve model is a bit of a heavier hitter. It sports an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.3-GHz octa-core processor. A power user might even be interested in this model because it seems to cross over into that realm. The best part about both of those phones is that an interested person can own them for less than $50. That's what makes them great options to buy.

Virgin Mobile has some phones for power users and champagne-taste clients, as well. Their inventory includes top-of-the-line models such as the Samsung Galaxy 9 and iPhone models like the X and beyond.

The Samsung Galaxy 9 is a powerful unit that offers a plethora of features that modern consumers will love. Fist, it has a 12-megapixel camera for users who want to take professional photos and maintain the highest of quality in their pictures. Secondly, it is water resistant, so phone owners will never have to worry about the rain causing destruction to the device. The model also has wireless charging and the Android 8.0 feature. There are many things to adore about this model. Any new user of it will love it to pieces. It's one of the costly models, but it will work well for someone who isn't worried about the money.

Virgin also offers a couple of the newest iPhones like the XS Max, which is the king of them all right now. The XS Max has features such as the 512 GB memory expansion capacity, Face ID and a bionic engine. It also has wireless charging and a slew of additional features. The cost of the model is going to be a pretty penny, but it will be worth it for consumers who love the name and the feeling of having a luxury device on their belts.

Overall, there are about 20 selections from which consumers can choose. Some people do not feel as though the selection is large enough while others are quite happy with what the company offers there.

Virgin Mobile Phone Plan Review

Virgin Mobile Plans

Understanding Virgin Mobile's plans is very easy because they all have a base of unlimited talk, text and data. What changes between plans is the amount of high-speed data access their customers get. The $35 plan, for example, provides only GB of high-speed data, which is 4G LTE at this time. once the customer reaches that 5 GB threshold, he or she will have slower data. Sometimes, the slow version of the data is a 2G speed.

The next plan is the $45 plan, which includes a bit more 4G LTE speed than the other plan does. Consumers receive 10 GB of the high-speed internet instead of only 5 GB with that plan. Once they use the 10 GB of high-speed data, their speeds go down to 2G.

Power users and other people who do not want to concern themselves with caps might enjoy the $60 plan. That plan will give them unlimited 4G LTE speeds each month as well as unlimited talk and text. The plan that one chooses depends on that person's personal budget and the way that he or she uses the phone. Virgin Mobile has options for everyone.

Add-On Features

Virgin Mobile has lots of features that consumers can add on if they need to perform any additional actions that are beyond the normal scope of operations. Phone insurance is only $7 a month and can help customers protect themselves and their phones against theft, loss and certain damages. Callers who have family members outside of the country may want to add international calling to their order. International calling is an additional $10 a month, and it includes 70 countries. Mobile hotspot is another feature that someone may want to have. It costs $3 a day and allows users to connect several devices to perform tasks with that Wi-Fi connection.

Virgin Mobile Benefits

Virgin Mobile offers something that many other smartphone providers don't offer: consumer benefits. Virgin mobile customers can get discounts on hotels, rental cars and a slew of other products and services just because they are Virgin Mobile customers. That's one good reason for someone to sign up with the company for the first time. The benefits last as long as the individual is with Virgin Mobile as a customer and can save them quite a bit of cash.

PayLo and Assurance Wireless

Virgin Mobile offers phone plans through the PayLo brand and Assurance Wireless, as well. The PayLo brand consists of several plans with limited voice minutes. It's more of a “pay as you go” selection for people. The Assurance Wireless program is a governmental program that operates off the Sprint network. People who receive certain governmental benefits can sign up for assistance through the program. The plans offer an allotment of minutes and then allows the customer to buy add-ons if they need additional minutes or other features. Interested persons can find out more about the plan by visiting the site and asking for help.

Virgin Mobile Phone Plan Review

Virgin Mobile Pros

Virgin Mobile has a lot of pros to it. For one, the network is quite reliable. The Sprint network is nationwide and covers many cities and states across the United States. Another positive feature of Virgin Mobile service is that users are not bound to it. They can cancel their service at any time without any regrets or requests. Consumers can come back at any time, as well.

Another good feature about using Virgin Mobile is that it offers three tiers of plans that can fit into an interested person's budget. Overall, it's an excellent choice for someone who wants to buy a prepaid plan and have reliable service on their side.

Virgin Mobile Cons

The negative aspects of Virgin Mobile are very slim. According to some users, their selection of phones is not plentiful. Other users feel that their selection is sufficient enough for them. Another thing that users talked about was that the phones were locked, and they couldn't just take their phones and use them with other providers if they were not happy with the service. That is something that an interested person will have to consider before he or she signs up with Virgin Mobile. They are a CDMA provider, so users may not have the same flexibility.

Tasks such as changing phones are a bit more involved than just taking a SIM card out of one phone and putting it into another like they can with GSM service. Those are the only negatives that come to mind when thinking about Virgin Mobile and its offerings. It still seems as if it's a good deal. Many people will still be pleased with it.

Virgin Mobile Phone Plan Review

Virgin Mobile Reviews

One of the best ways to judge a company and decide whether you want its services is to read the consumer reviews. Consumers usually leave honest opinions about their experiences when they use a product. Virgin Mobile has many positive reviews from people who have used their services. The reviewers often rave about the affordability of Virgin's offers and the benefits that they provide to their customers. It sounds like the company is a great choice according to the people who have used the services

The Conclusion

Virgin Mobile is an excellent selection for people who desire consistently affordable plans and reliable service. It's best for customers who know they are going to stick with the company long-term and not switch between providers frequently. It's recommended that an interested person conduct some sound research before signing up for Virgin Mobile services.

However, the company does offer a faithful seven-day return policy for consumers so that they can try the products and services thoroughly and then decide if they would like to keep them indefinitely. Virgin Mobile gets the green light from us because we have tried it and found it to be reliable and very complimentary to our wallets. New users will likely enjoy using the services. Remember, there is a seven-day period in which new users can ask to perform a return if they are not happy with the phone and service. Interested parties can sign up without fear. 

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When deciding on what phone to purchase, you must consider many different factors before making your final choice. These include cost, accessibility, plan expectation and limitation, and troubleshooting information — in other words, how durable your phone is regarding functionality. Virgin Mobile offers prepaid plans tailored to your unique needs. This FAQ will provide all necessary details you should know as a precaution to your purchase.  The FAQ will also include any changes made by the company concerning plan options and core functionalities provided by each plan.

Activating Your Virgin Mobile Phone

Upon receiving your phone after you have registered an account with Virgin Mobile, you activate your phone to use all its functionalities.

How to activate Virgin Mobile phone?

You must navigate to the Virgin mobile website through a web browser, or you can type “activate Virgin mobile” on your search engine which should return an address to the specific web page where you activate the account. You should see an edit box to enter your serial code for the phone. Input the serial code there to activate your phone. 

Can a virgin mobile phone be used on Verizon?

Not all Virgin mobile phones are compatible will Verizon. Verizon has a webpage to check if your specific Virgin mobile phone is compatible with its plan or not. You should refer to their compatibility page to see if your phone is compatible.

Where to buy Virgin mobile phones?

There are various merchants that sell Virgin mobile phones. You can purchase the phone in either a brick or mortar location or on a website.


Can I use an unlocked phone with Virgin mobile?

You must check if the phone is compatible with the Virgin mobile network by visiting your nearest Virgin mobile store. If it is compatible, you must register a plan with Virgin mobile and get a Virgin mobile sim card.


Can I use a Sprint phone on Virgin Mobile?

No, Sprint phones are not compatible with Virgin Mobile.


How do I top up my Virgin Mobile phone?

There are two ways to top up your Virgin Mobile phone. You can enter your Virgin Mobile number on the company’s webpage to deposit funds, or you can purchase a prepaid card.

How to unlock a Virgin Mobile phone for free?

You should take your phone to your local store, and they can unlock it for you for a free. Another method is to use the software while your phone is connected to your pc via cable and inputting a code.


What phones does Virgin Mobile support?

Virgin Mobile currently supports most versions of the iPhone but does not support other non-Virgin mobile phones.

Who sells Virgin Mobile phones?

There are a variety of Virgin Mobile phone vendors including Best Buy and Target. Since Best Buy specializes in selling electronic goods, it is a better option to purchase your phone from there.

How to activate a used Virgin Mobile phone?

You must make a new account with Virgin Mobile by visiting the store before you are able to activate a used phone.


Can I unlock a Virgin Mobile phone?

The easiest way to unlock a Virgin Mobile phone is to visit the store and speak to a customer service representative who will charge a fee to unlock the phone.


Adjusting and Troubleshooting your Virgin Mobile phone

You may need to know information regarding how to adapt to your new Virgin Mobile plan and maintain access to your phone.

Why does my Virgin Mobile phone keep restarting?

This is usually due to a SIM card issue. Try to restart your phone after removing the SIM card. If the phone successfully starts, then you must replace your SIM card.


How to unlock a Virgin mobile phone when you forgot the password?

You have 5 attempts to unlock the phone before a notification pops up where you will have to enter your Username and Password for your Google account. Once done successfully, your phone should be unlocked.


Can you bring your phone to Virgin Mobile?

As long as the phone is compatible with the network, you can bring the phone to Virgin Mobile to register it by creating an account with the customer service representatives. I was able to sell my old phone and put that cash towards a new one.

How to get free ringtones for Virgin Mobile phones?

There is a multitude of websites that have downloadable Virgin Mobile phone ringtones, and they are free of cost.


How to keep phone number in Virgin Mobile?

You will be given a temporary number for the new phone until you provide the PAC code to a customer service representative who will restore your old phone number.

Can I use my Virgin Mobile phone in Mexico?

Since a Virgin Mobile SIM does not allow international roaming, you must purchase a local SIM to be able to use your phone in Mexico.


Managing your Virgin Mobile phone

It is important to know how to manage your phone and keep track of balances so you can continue having access to the network.

How to check Virgin Mobile balance on the phone?

You must call Virgin Mobile and text “BALANCE” to 789000. Another option is to go to the company's website and log in to your account to check your balance.

How to pay your Virgin Mobile bill over the phone?

Call Virgin Mobile and dial *PAY or #ADD. You will be given voice prompts which you have to answer vocally to pay for your phone bill.


Do Virgin Mobile phones work with T-Mobile?

Make sure that your phone is unlocked first. If it is, you can insert a T-Mobile SIM to connect to the T-Mobile network.

How do you unlock a Virgin Mobile phone for free?

Call Virgin Mobile to ask for an unlock code. The customer service representative should give you a set on instructions to unlock your phone using the code. It should take anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours to unlock.


How do I pay my Virgin Mobile phone bill?

There are various methods to pay your phone bill. You can visit the company website to log in to your account and pay the phone bill using a check or credit card. You can also call Virgin Mobile and follow the voice prompts that will approve your payment.

How to activate a sprint phone on Virgin Mobile?

Unfortunately, you cannot activate a Sprint phone with the Virgin Mobile network.

Can I trade in my Virgin Mobile phone?

Yes, you must visit a Virgin Mobile store to assess the value of your phone. After the phone is given a value, you can trade in your phone for a phone of equivalent value.

Virgin Mobile Plan Information

You must know what each plan offers to decide on what phone and plan best fits your needs.

Can I use my Virgin Mobile phone overseas?

No, you cannot use the phone functions overseas, but you can use data if you turn on your Wifi. The only limitation is that the data speeds might be slow.


Does Virgin Mobile have family plans?

Currently, Virgin Mobile only provides single plans, but the company is working on adding family plans in the future.


How to cancel my Virgin Mobile plan?

You must call Customer Service and speak to a customer service representative who will ask you questions about your account information, which you must provide.

What are Virgin Mobile plans?

Virgin Mobile provides three different plans that you must choose from. All three plans have unlimited nationwide talk and text. The difference between the plans is the amount of data allowed. There is a 5gb plan at $35/month, 10gb plan at $45/month, and unlimited data at $60/month. All plans require an upfront payment of $9.99.

Did Virgin Mobile change their plans?

Yes, the company has reduced their unlimited monthly plan to $60 per month.

How much is Virgin Mobile unlimited plan?

You must pay an upfront payment of $9.99 when you first initialize your plan and then pay $60 per month.


How to change Virgin Mobile plan?

To change your Virgin Mobile plan, you must sign into your account on the company website, click on the service tab, then click on “My Plans,” where you will find the option to change your plan.


How do Virgin Mobile plans work?

Virgin Mobile plans operate on the Sprint 4G LTE network and run on Sprint's network. You get unlimited text, call, and international call. Some reviews say these are the best cell phone plans you can find.

Can I change my Virgin Mobile plan?

Yes, you can change your plan by visiting the company website or by calling a customer service representative.


Does Virgin Mobile only have one plan?

No, Virgin Mobile has three different plans, and they differ in cost, and the amount of data provides. Please visit the company website to check the different plan options.

What does the $35 Virgin mobile plan include?

All plans include unlimited call, international call, and text. The $35 plan allows 5 GB – the lowest amount of data provided.


Does Virgin Mobile have shared plans?

Virgin Mobile offers a contract-free shared data plan since January 16, 2015. You get all the provisions of the regular plans. The amount of data given with your plan will be shared.


How does Virgin Mobile prepaid plan work?

Instead of paying for the service after usage, a prepaid plan requires you to pay before you can use the service and the plan is contract free.


Does Virgin Mobile have unlimited data plans?

Yes, the unlimited data plan will cost you $60 per month, and you must pay $9.99 upfront. This is the highest level of plan offered.


Does Virgin Mobile have a pay as you go plan?

No, Virgin Mobile only offers prepaid plans. You are required to pay before the service is offered, unlike a pay as you go plan where you pay after using the service and you pay depending on how much data you used.


How much is the unlimited data plan for Virgin mobile?

The unlimited data plan is the most expensive of the three types of plans offered. The price is $60 per month with an upfront payment of $9.99.


Why can't I get the 50 unlimited Virgin mobile plans?

Virgin Mobile replaced their $50 unlimited plan to three different plans ranging from $35-$60, where the $60 option provides unlimited data. This is because the company wants to make their plan accommodating to the needs of the customer.

What is Virgin Mobile inner circle plan?

Virgin Mobile inner circle plan is a prepaid plan that is limited to specific versions of Apple’s iPhone.

Can iPhones have a Virgin Mobile plan?

Of course, most iPhones are compatible with the Virgin Mobile network. iPhone users have the option to purchase the inner circle plan.


Are Virgin Mobile plans still 35 dollars?

Though Virgin Mobile reduced their unlimited data plan to $60 per month instead of $65 per month, the company still offers the least expensive plan which is $35.


Does Virgin Mobile have iPad plans?

Currently, the company does not provide plans for data-only devices, so it does not have a plan for the iPad.


What does Virgin Mobile data lovers plan include?

The data lover plan includes unlimited text, call, and international call and data that process information at quicker speeds.


Has Virgin Mobile dropped all plans except iPhones?

Virgin Mobile has decided to drop all plans for phones that are not iPhones since the year 2017.


Is Virgin Mobiles new 60-month plan really unlimited?

Yes, the new $ 60-month plan comes with unlimited data. This may also come with a wifi hotspot unlimited data included but ask to make sure.

What are monthly taxes for Virgin mobile 1 plan?

The monthly tax varies by state and zip code.

Can I watch Hulu or Netflix on Virgin Mobile?

If you have enough data and a good phone then this shouldn't be an issue. Check out Netflix or Hulu subscription options and pick one that you prefer after reading reviews. Connecting to Wifi will save your data and if you don't already have a connection then compare cheap internet service providers we compared.

Virgin Mobile plans can be an affordable alternative to other plan options. However, there are certain limitations of the phone, including the extent to which it has coverage, the number of users that can share a plan, and the company does not provide a family plan. For that you may want to look at Verizon family plans.

Virgin Mobile only offers prepaid plans to limit users from exceeding their budget. The company has adjusted to changing trends of the mobile phone market by differentiating its plan options to diversify their customer base. This FAQ has provided all the necessary information to manage, maintain, and activate your Virgin Mobile phone.