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Have you ever had an experience wasting money?  Of course.  Who hasn't?  But what about wasting someone else's money? Has that ever happened to you.

I'm sure it's happened many a time. Heck, just growing up, I probably wasted a ton of my parents money!  I'm thinking of all the toys and activities that I never pursued.  All the musical instruments for band class!  The list is endless.  But, as I'm finding out now, that's just part of being a parent.  So I don't feel too bad about it.

But I do feel bad if I waste someone else's money.  One story I have in particular stands out.  It's actually got some humorous elements, though I still feel bad.

The Old Beep And Wave

This story takes place right after I graduated college.  I was a young, cocky bachelor in my 20's.  I moved on my own, but got an apartment with a college buddy.  This worked out well to save us money.  We were (and still are) good friends, so it seemed well.

We were both pretty big goofballs.  The two of us, along with a couple of other friends, got into this thing that we called the ‘Beep and Wave'.

This was short for ‘Beep and Wave the Other Way'.

I'm not sure who came up with the idea.  All of us have claimed it at one time or another.  All of us have also denied it as well.  It all depends on who we are telling to story to.

This activity took place while we were driving.  If we saw someone walking or biking alongside the road, we'd give a little tap on the horn.  When they looked, we would wave.  Except we wouldn't wave at them.  We'd wave the other way.

This was hilarious to us.  It was even more so when there were more people in the car.  See, the person would see us waving, but eventually realize we weren't waving at them.  Some would wave anyways.  A few would get mad.  Some would realize what happened and laugh.  Others were just downright confused.

But, it was hilarious to us.  Every once I'll do it for old times sake.  And, every now and then I'll get a text from my old buddy telling me that he did it.

When Beeping And Waving Wasted Money

There was one time that this wasted money.  And it wasn't my money.

My roommate and I needed to go grocery shopping.  To be fair and to split the cost, we decided to meet up and shop together. We met at the grocery store, as it was on our way home from both of our jobs.

My roommate got there first and was standing in front of the store.  I pulled up and saw him.  I beeped at himand waved to the opposite side of the parking lot.  He saw it was me, and turned around and waved at the store.

This was hilarious to both of us and it worked out perfectly for a great story.  Except for the lady with the strawberries.

Unbeknownst to me at the time I beeped, there was a lady coming out of the store with her groceries.  When I beeped at my roommate, she got startled and stopped suddenly.  An entire container of strawberries fell out of her cart and popped open on the ground.

My roommate showed them to me when I walked up and he told me that part of the story.

She was long gone.  She'd continued on and left the strawberries.

But I felt bad.  I still do.  It was just stupid fun, but I ended up wasting this woman's money as she was out a container of berries.

So that's my story of wasting someone else's money.  I'm sure it's happened at other times, but this is one that sticks out, simply because of the silly nature of it all.

Readers, have you ever wasted someone else's money?  Did you get the opportunity to make it right?  Tell me your story in the comments below.