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I have to admit, I’ve become a pretty big fan of, the site where you can watch many TV programs or movies online without breaking the law. I had been watching it for various programs that were older or to see if I wanted to perhaps watch a particular show that I’d never gotten into on first run.

However, it really came in handy the past two weeks with one of my favorite shows: The Office.

I normally have my DVR record The Office, but for the last two weeks it didn’t work out. Two weeks ago, for whatever reason, the DVR didn’t think it was a ‘new’ episode. As it’s only set to record new episodes only (as to avoid it recording re-runs or syndication versions of shows, which would quickly fill up the machine), it skipped the recording.

Last week, I interrupted the recording because I was watching the NCAA tournament game (University of Michigan was playing) and it tried to record the two scheduled recordings: Grey’s Anatomy and The Office. I told it to stop recording The Office so that I could continue watching the game.

No fear, I was able to watch both shows on Hulu. Granted, my office chair isn’t as comfortable as the couch or bed that you can normally watch TV in front of, but it’s really not bad. You have to watch less than a minute of commercials on Hulu, which is less than if you watched it on TV real time, and still less time than even fast forwarding through the commercials on the DVR.

I applaud NBC and other networks for participating in Hulu. It’s nice to see companies realizing that the traditional ways of reaching people are not the only ways.

Oh, and by the way, it was worth interrupting the show. Michigan won! (Though unfortunately, they lost the next game).