We Joined Amazon Prime

For the first time ever, our household has joined Amazon Prime as paying members!  We had previously been Prime members for a trial period during the heyday of the Amazon Mom program, and scored lots of great deals on diapers and such, but once our free period ran out, we returned as non-Prime members.

We have gone back and forth for awhile, and when Amazon had a one day $67 deal for new members last month (marked down from the regular price of $99) , in celebration of their Emmy award, we decided to go for it.

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to:

2-Day Shipping

The first and probably still most popular thing about Prime membership is the 2-day shipping.  We don’t have bad luck with the Free shipping, but it can back up at times, and always works out that when you want something most, it takes the longest to get there.  It’ll be nice knowing that most items will be there in two days.

Movies and TV

Amazon has a pretty good selection of movies and TV shows available for free streaming.  I think the only issue I’ve seen is that a lot of their content isn’t HD, but I can live with that.  We have a Roku that we rarely used, which has a built in Amazon Prime channel, and also have a couple of Chromecast devices that can stream to the TV.  We limit the amount of TV our kids watch, but when it’s really bad weather in the winter, we do tend to allow it a little more, so it’ll be nice to have a few more options.  I also know they have a lot of different options in case my wife and I want to check out a movie or TV show.


mb-2015-10-headphonesThey have quite a library of songs available for free streaming as part of Prime membership.  I love listening to music at work and my wife very frequently has something going on her tablet as she does things around the house.


I love reading and try to get through at least 4-5 books a month rented for free from our local library.  I believe that you get a couple of free Kindle rentals per month as Prime members.  Now, I don’t have  a Kindle yet, but this could entice me to get one or ask Santa for one!

File and Photo Storage

You get 5GB of free cloud storage space as a Prime member, plus unlimited photo storage.  When you upload photos, they’ll automatically expand your total limit so that photos never count toward your 5GB.  That’s pretty cool and is a great way to back up your precious memories!

I’m hoping that our Prime membership saves us money in the long run.  It’ll be nice to order things that we would have gone out and bought anyway, and gotten either a lower price or the same price, but saved on time and gas.  I know that many people find that they spend more with Prime, and obviously that’s what Amazon wants you to do, but I would think that if we limit our spending, it could work out well for Amazon and for us!

Readers, did any of you sign up for Prime with the recent special or have you been Prime members for a while?  What do you like or dislike about Prime?  Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. I have been an Amazon Prime member since 1998, so I guess I feel it is worth it. I was an expat with a forwarding address. I needed American text books to teach my children, as the local school did not work out. Because we were ordering so much Amazon offered a lifetime membership. Have not quit ordering since. Yeah, have had a few problems had to work out, but overall have enjoyed forking over my money to the businesses willing to try so hard. Before taxes were collected by our state, I snagged amazing deals. As an expat, we got our stuff quicker than trying to find it locally. It is a bit addicting though, so I always leave things in the cart for a while to make sure I need them and the local stores do not have a better deal. We do not have cable, so when Amazon started streaming videos, we started watching all the series we had never seen after supper. One series lasted like two months. I think it was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. I could watch while doing the dishes and practicing crochet. Yeah, I love being a prime member, and when I don’t, I complain. Someone, usually the sellers, generally make things right. Couple of times scammers got me, so I wrote reviews that would make the bravest avoid the seller, backing it up with photos. Makes me happy to know I do have choices. Thanks to all the great Amazon employees and sellers, I am still making wish lists and dreaming of that new sink for the bathroom.
    . I hope it works out well for you too.

    • Thanks for the great comment. Sounds like you have had a long standing relationship and I’m glad to see that it serves you well. It’s interesting, because in the small time period that we’ve had Prime, we haven’t touched it on the streaming video, but I have used the Prime Music feature almost daily. When they offer so much, it definitely makes for a diverse suite of options that broaden the appeal of the service.

  2. My friend the e-book builder was showing off his new Kindle last week (he can’t resist buying the latest doodads from Amazon!). He’s very tickled and says it’s only fifty bucks.

    If you have an iPad, tho’, you can download a Kindle reader for free. I personally prefer the iPad (mine’s an older model so decently sized) to the Kindle for reading. Each to his own…but if you have in iPad, the access is free.

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