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What a whirlwind few days we had.  As you may remember, we had been considering selling our camper.  We decided to give it a shot, and wow!  We sold our camper in record time.

Deciding On A Sale

After I wrote the article in late August, my wife and I had a serious discussion.  We decided that we would definitely be looking for a new camper by next season.  The camper was still great.  Our family had just outgrown it.  We camped 31 nights this season in our camper.  With it being a lightweight camper, there were drawback.

  • The water tank is small.  We always had to fill it during trips.
  • The holding tanks are small.  We dumped dishwater and mostly used the campground bathrooms.
  • The beds are a pain.  Folding them down once or twice a season is fine.  But, we camped over half a dozen times.  It's a lot.
  • We were sick of the minor problems.  There was nothing awfully wrong.  The annoyances had just grown, well, annoying.

Preparing For A Sale

We had a camping trip planned for Labor Day weekend.  We decided we'd try to put it up for sale after that.  In prep for that, we started thinking about taking pictures.  One thing about our camper is that we always kept it clean. This was true both inside and out.  We knew that some great pictures would help show it off well.

The outdoor pictures we took were done during our final trip.  We normally have quite a few things under our awning.  In order to take great pictures, we set most everything aside.  We took pictures with the awning down, the camping rug out, and our camping chairs.  It looked great.

After the trip, we similarly took indoor pictures.  We took just about everything out that's visible and took interior pictures.  This made it look very open and highlighted how clean we keep it.  This turned out to be very important.

The Near Mistake Sale

At this point, something weird happened.  We took the interior pictures after we got home.  The camper was parked in our driveway.  Someone driving by saw the stuff piled out and the picture taking and asked if the camper was for sale.

My wife and I couldn't believe it.  Could we actually sell it just like that?  We said that it was going up for sale.

The person got out of the car and started looking it over.  We told him about it, showed it, and were honest about all the issues.

He offered us cash on the spot.  His offer was for $2,500.  However, it was much lower than I had anticipated.  We went back and forth but his ‘final' offer was still low.  I had figured we could get around $3,500 for it.

Still, I actually considered it.  I wasn't sure how much demand there would be at the end of a season.  In addition, I knew that showing it could involve having to make multiple trips back and forth to the storage lot.

We ended up moving on from the guy.  The scary thing is that I didn't move on because of the price as my primary reason.  He wanted to make things happen so quick that I wasn't comfortable.  When I asked him to back off, he got upset and yelled at me on the phone.  That was that.

As it turns out, none of my worries were real.

The Sale

We listed it for sale the same evening.  We put it on both Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.  For the price, we decided to list it for $4,000.  This, we figured, gave us some bargaining room.

Instantly, people started inquiring about it.  The very first people that inquired seemed like great people. They explained that they'd been looking for a used camper.  There were 3-4 that they'd inquired about that they missed out on.  They were pretty excited that we hadn't sold ours.  But, they were worried that we'd sell it and wanted to come out right away.

We ‘held' it for them, because that's the way I sell things.  I'm not one of those that tells everyone that's interested to come out and the first person gets it.  That's too stressful for me as a seller, plus I just don't think it's cool.  So, we told them that we wouldn't show it so long as they came out. Which they did.

And they made us a full price offer!  They sent a deposit via PayPal while standing in our driveway.

Two days later, we turned everything over and it was theirs.  We actually took it over to them and dropped it off.  By the time we left, their youngest son had fallen asleep inside!

It was a whirlwind couple of days!


As I mentioned, the people seemed like very nice people.  And they were.  My wife and the wife of the family that bought it have been texting back and forth.  The new owner loves to redecorate.  And she started right away!  She painted over the wallpaper.  They put contact paper up over the sink that made it look like a tile backsplash. They painted the cabinets and the doors.  She even made the front of the fridge a chalkboard with that kind of paint.  Finally, they put laminate flooring down.

Top to bottom, they completely changed it, practically overnight!

It was really cool to see the transformation.  I think they really will love it.  I truly hope that they do.

Next Steps

Now, we are going to start looking for a new camper for our family.  We have a good idea of what we want.  We've been looking on the same sites we put ours up for sale.

What's working in our favor is that the more expensive campers that fit our criteria seem to be lasting longer.  Ours sold quickly because it was a great price point.  I realize that I underestimated the appeal.  But, I also know that our care of it showed in the pictures.  When we looked at campers priced around ours, many were dirty or cluttered or just didn't look like they'd been well taken care of.  So yay to my wife and I for keeping it clean and healthy.

There's a camper show coming into town that we'll go to.  We are targeting something used, to save money, but the show gives us great ideas on floor plans and models.  Plus, many of the dealers often have a great inventory of used items that they'll highlight.

If nothing else, it gives us information to use if we decide to wait until next spring.  We're definitely planning on camping, but because we sold our camper, it definitely won't be in our old camper.  We've got lots of great memories now.  Time to make some new ones!