We Timed That One Pretty Well!

My wife and I recently took a few days to go for a three night vacation to a couple of tourist destinations here in Michigan.  We coordinated it around the time of our anniversary, though it was technically a few days later.

Timing it when we did allowed us to get the cheapest rates of the season.  After Labor Day, the rates fall off a cliff.  In a couple of weeks, they will go back up again, as ‘going up to view the beautiful Michigan change of season’ will pick up in earnest.  Since we fell in between, we got some super awesome deals.  And, on top of that, the crowds were non-existant anywhere we went, where if we had gone even a couple of weeks earlier, we’d have been elbow to elbow.

All in all it was great.

mb-201010creditIn addition to all that, we timed things pretty well with our credit card rewards program.  We each have a Citi Dividends World Perks card.  For years, they offered 2% cash back on categories such as gas, groceries and utilities and 1% on all other charges.  Since we pay our cards off every month, this is a great card for us.

Recently, they changed their rewards program to where the ‘bonus’ rewards are on revolving categories that change every three months.  Since they just implemented it, the first batch was offered at a 5% off bonus!

What were the categories: Hotels, Restaurants, and Rental Cars!  Since we were going on this trip anyways, that meant only one thing:


While we didn’t rent a car, we certainly made excellent use of the restaurant and hotel categories.  Since we had planned the trip many months ago and would have incurred all of the costs anyways, the extra 4% we gained on our hotel stays and eating out was just money in our pocket!

This was confirmed when I received our bill.  I knew what all of the charges would be but the extra ‘rewards’ money was a nice surprise.

We timed that one pretty well, don’t you think?

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