Wealth Grows Like A Tree

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of old trees.  We have trees on our property that are at least thirty feet tall, and there are others throughout the neighborhood that are even taller than that.

These trees have been here for a while, well before the neighborhood was built in the 1990’s.

As I looked through the trees the other day, thinking about raking once all the leaves started falling, it occurred to me that people simply don’t plant trees that large.  It just doesn’t happen.  If I want a tree in my backyard, I’m going to get one that’s anywhere from a few feet tall to maybe ten or fifteen feet at the most.

A fully mature tree with roots that stretch far into the ground that’s been around for many a decade?  One of those isn’t making it’s way into my yard, and probably yours, anytime soon.

Your Tree Of Wealth

I started thinking about it and realized that trees are a lot like wealth.  You look around and you see people that have built wealth.  Whether it’s a famous person like Warren Buffet who defines wealth to someone who lives comfortably in retirement because of modest wealth, chances are they did not simply get their wealth planted as it stands today.

Instead, they started off small.  They planted their tree of wealth.

They took care of it.

They watered it, so to speak.

They allowed the roots to grow and spread.

They watched it slowly grow taller.  Maybe so slow that they didn’t even realize it was growing, but when they took a step back and looked at it compared to a few years ago, the difference was noticeable.

One day, they looked at their tree of wealth and realized that it had grown to a significant level and it was all because they gave it care, time, and patience.

Reasonable Expectations

In thinking about how trees grow, the same needs to be said for wealth.  It doesn’t grow quickly overnight.  Patience is key.  For those who are looking to build to a certain level of wealth, expectations must be set.  Time must be allocated.  Care must be given.  Progress has to be measured.

It all fits together.

Readers, if you envision your wealth, does it help if you think of it as growing like a tree? Both up in the sky and through the roots that strengthen it below.  How do you apply the principles of growing a tall tree to growing your wealth?

8 thoughts on “Wealth Grows Like A Tree”

  1. What a lovely metaphor!

    I’ve never really thought of growing wealth like growing a tree so much as building a platform. I think I’ve largely considered saving and building my financial edifice an arduous and mindful task. I guess the benefits of portfolio growth and passive investment hasn’t quite reached me yet, but maybe one day!

  2. When I think of money and trees, I actually first think of my dad telling me (when younger) that money doesn’t grow on trees! 🙂

    But to your point, I do agree. Building wealth and planting a tree have some parallels. You need to understand the heights to which you’re targeting from the beginning. Then, it requires time, patience, and proper care in order to nurture it and help growth. Nice post.

    • I should have included that piece of advice, I’ve heard it before and it’s true. With the number of trees we have, a money tree sure would be a nice addition 🙂

  3. I agree! Just like a tree, wealth takes time and care. You have to start with quality investments, be selective and monitor your progress. Similar to a tree, if you do it right it will last a long time.

  4. Oh, I definitely needed to read this today! On the first of every month, I read everyone’s monthly income reports and then wonder why I don’t have more $$ in the bank 🙂 but you’re right – it takes patience and time!

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