Weekend Roundup: November 5, 2011

It’s fall and we’ve been working hard to get everything ‘outside the house’ ready for winter.  This includes taking down all the potted plants, packing away the patio chairs and umbrellas, cleaning the gutters of leaves, and making sure the snowblower is in good working order.  Are you prepared for the coming winter yet?

I usually include a few different posts I’ve read throughout the week, but this week there is only one.  The video in the post below is absolutely hysterical.

In addition, the following sites graciously included me in carnivals that they hosted:

  • Watson Inc.Carnival of Financial Planning
  • Modern Tightwad – Totally Money Carnival
  • Sustainable Personal Finance – Carnival of Personal Finance
  • Mom’s PlansYakezie Carnival
  • Remodeling This Life – Festival of Frugality

Have a great weekend!

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