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As part of the Yakezie Challenge, I've come across a whole slew of great new blogs.  Here are three great articles I came across with other members in this group who have taken on the similar challenge of improving their Alexa website rating:

  •  Personal Finance Ninja – 700 Pennies: How To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals – It's always a good lesson to have something that keeps your eye on the bigger picture. As I say at the bottom of each of my posts, “It's a great day to be alive!” and this sort of ties in with that.
  • PT MoneyThe Ultimate Guide to Saving Money On Coffee – I drink coffee just about every day.  I am not a coffee snob, but that's mostly because I force myself not to be in order to not get sucked into drinking expensive coffee.  If you've already lost that battle, here are a few ways to fight back or at least minimize the damage.
  • Canadian Personal Finance BlogYou Know It's A Bad Day When…. – This is another reminder to make sure to find a good, reputable financial adviser, and to make sure that he/she stays that way.  Even then, don't put all of your eggs in one basket!

Another great read by one of my favorite bloggers who isn't in the challenge:

  • Funny About Money – Sure You Want To Go On That Cruise? – I have never been on a cruise and have no desire to, and this gives me one more reason to know that I'm comfortable with my choice to keep my vacation time on solid ground!

Check them out (but don't forget to come back!) and enjoy some great reads by other bloggers who have unique perspectives into personal blogging.