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We use auto-pay for a majority of our bills.   Here's a run-down of bills we have on auto-pay:

  •  Mortgage – We can adjust this a few days before the payment comes out if we have any extra income to apply.  Easy!
  • Student Loans – This comes out on the 20th of every month.  If we have any extra payments, I send those through Internet Bill Pay (our bank sends them a check) as their system is not as easy to modify the payment.
  • Credit Cards – We don't send paper checks.  We just go in every month and set the amount (our full balance) that we want to pay off.
  • Insurance – Our car payment comes out monthly.  The annual payments we still send in though I may change that as I almost forgot to send in our homeowners policy payment this year.  Yikes!
  • Cable – I love our cable company and have never had any issues here
  • Electric & Gas – Both of these come out automatically. We get the electronic statements three weeks or so before the payments come out, so we always have plenty of time to make sure everything is right.
  • Garbage – Our garbage pickup is paid quarterly and comes out automatically.
  • Church donations – Instead of throwing money (or a check) in the basket, we have a weekly donation taken out that we can manage anytime!
  • Cell phone – Our cell phone bill gets charged to our credit card.  This is because we used to get extra cash back for cell phone bills.  Even though the credit card doesn't give an extra bonus, I've never bothered to change it, but no big deal since we pay it every month.  Same as with the gas & electric bill, we get the statement weeks before the payment is due, so I'm always able to resolve any issues before payment takes place.
  • Newspaper – This is charged to our credit card every six months.  I do want to change this as, for some reason, this one catches me by surprise every time.  Probably because they don't bother sending out the statement until a week or two after the credit card actually gets charged.  Lousy customer service is another reason that newspapers are dying, FYI.  Still, this ends up paying for itself in the coupons we clip.

Payments we don't auto-pay:

  • Car payment – Only because we don't have one 🙂
  • Water bill – We set this up as an Internet Bill Pay item as our city hasn't gotten on board with being able to pay this online easily.
  • Property taxes – I prefer to drop these off a few days before they're due so that I can make sure our account gets credited in time.

What bills do you auto-pay?  Are there any that you refuse to use auto-pay for even if the capability is there, and if so, what are your reasons?