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Last month was the first update in my quest to get 500 ‘little' things around the house, with the ultimate goal to keep things clean and clutter free.

January was productive and February was even better, as I got through every item on the list.


In only the second month, the results of doing cleaning and organization around the house are already starting to be noticeable, not so much in the things that are clean, but in the stuff that hasn't been cleaned yet.  The cleaning closet (oh, the irony there) hasn't been cleaned yet, and you can see that it's grimy and unorganized compared to the area under the kitchen sink.  This is encouraging and motivates me to continue on throughout the year!

Last month's list was cumbersome, so this month I'm going to break it down by room / area of the house.

Laundry Room

  1. Cleaned out the inside of the washing machine – This was made easier as the gasket was replaced by warranty this month.
  2. Clean out the vacuum roller – The roller gets full of hair and such that I cut out to make picking up more efficient
  3. Clean out shoe caddy – We have a little caddy to hold our shoes.  I wiped it out and got rid of the dust within.
  4. Clean coat closet (not in the laundry room, but close enough)
  5. Clean and shine my work shoes

Half Bath

  1. Re-organized and cleaned under the sink
  2. Wiped down counter fronts and around the edge of the counter and walls


  1. Clean doorwall and tracks
  2. Clean microwave
  3. Wipe down top of fridge
  4. Clean pantry floor
  5. Re-organize and clean junk drawer
  6. Clean out area where we keep cat food
  7. Wipe down countertops, areas in front, and hard to reach areas

Dining Room / Living Room

  1. Vacuum under dining room table
  2. Virus scan, malware check and defrag of computer kept in the living room

Family Room

  1. Clean doorwall and tracks
  2. Wipe down ceiling fan blades

First Floor Hallway and Stairs

  1. Wipe down baseboards
  2. Clean front door and front window
  3. Vacuum stairs to basement

Master Bedroom

  1. Vacuum under bed
  2. Iron my work shirts and other clothes
  3. Ensured my dresser drawers were organized (much easier since I did it last month too!)
  4. Clean ceiling fan blades
  5. Used toothbrush on the grout in the shower

Other Bedrooms

  1. Cleaned ceiling fans in all the other rooms (Seeing a theme here? *lol*)
  2. Cleaned out the luggage area in the guest room closet
  3. Vacuum under all the other beds and furniture that can be reached

Basement Playroom and Office

  1. Dusted and vacuumed
  2. Virus scan, malware check and defrag of desktop
  3. Virus scan, malware check and defrag of laptop
  4. Went through a bin of old collectibles that I haven't looked at in almost twenty years and started looking into potentially selling them.


  1. Went through the area where we keep extra gift boxes and discarded some that would likely never be used
  2. Cleaned dust mites under stairway
  3. Cleaned one section of metal shelving
  4. Cleaned the area where we keep small appliances and such that don't fit up in the kitchen.  Re-organized greatly and threw away some stuff that we'll never use again (a broken warming carafe, for example)
  5. Cleaned my work bench area (basically wiping it down since I did this last month!)
  6. Replace furnace filter
  7. Washed the blankets that the cats hang out on sometimes
  8. Sweep and scrub floors near the cat litter boxes
  9. Clean off the shelves where we keep laundry, cleaning, and paper supplies
  10. Dust bookshelves
  11. Organize the pantry shelves (a five minute job vs. hour job from last month!)


  1. Checked the car maintenance schedules.  Followed up on potential items as both cars are approaching 50,000 miles
  2. Verify next tire rotation and oil change (probably this month for both cars)
  3. Checked air pressure in all tires
  4. Cleaned up garage workbench
  5. Sweep area leading into the house
  6. Check oil, windshield, and other fluid levels

All in all, none of the items took a particularly long time.  I see that upcoming months have even a few more items, but now that I'm finding that follow-up occurrences take less time, I feel that continued success shouldn't be a problem.  I also know that I'll need to add a bunch of items to the list once we get the camper ready for the season.  Wow, that's going to be here before you know it!

How was your February?