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I decided to take a quick peek at the items in my wallet.  Looking through it, I'm not sure that I would qualify for moving towards a money clip, which I know is what a lot of people do, but I don't think I'm to the point of George Costanza, who as you may remember in Seinfeld, developed a back problem (and a tilt) as a result of an overstuffed wallet.

Going through my wallet, here are the things I have:

  • Drivers license – Can't get around much without that
  • PMI membership card – I'm a certified project manager, and this shows my credentials.  Not at all needed but I worked hard for the certification, so when I see it, I get reminded of the hard work I put into it.
  • Picture of my Baby Beagle
  • Proof of auto insurance – Another must have for driving
  • Citi Dividends credit card – Gas, groceries, etc. go on here
  • Bank debit card – Most regular purchases go on here
  • Credit union debit card – I could probably move this out and keep it at home.  We have the account open but don't keep much money in here.
  • Kohls Credit Card – We shop at Kohls now and then, and in order to take advantage of their ‘extra 15%-20%-30%' sales that come up almost weekly, you have to use your Kohls credit card.  So, that's that.
  • Speedway Rewards Card – We buy a lot of our gas at Speedway as it's generally one of the cheapest stations in the immediate area, so I swipe my rewards card.  Eventually, I'll cash it in for a gas card or something.
  • Caribou Coffee Gift card – Amount: Probably less than $1.  I got this as a gift and I think I used it down to almost nothing when I was on a project where there was a Caribou Coffee in the building.  I'm not there anymore, so I have no use for it.  I should check this
  • Health Insurance Card – Always good to have 🙂
  • Costco Membership Card – Self-explanatory
  • Library Card – Used very regularly to get books, CDs and movies that save us bucks instead of purchasing said items
  • Vision Card – I don't wear glasses but for some reason, I carry around the insurance card that ties to our vision insurance plan
  • Haircut Place Business Card – The lady I like to go to wrote her hours on the back, so I use this to remind me what days I should go in when I need a haircut
  • Auto Club Card – In case of any breakdowns or for places that give you a deal if you use AAA, I have the auto club card with the phone number and membership number.
  • PetSmart PetPerks Card – I've gotten many a savings from buying cat food and supplies at PetSmart.
  • AutoZone Rewards Card – I need to probably throw this in my glove box because my shopping trips here are pretty few and far between
  • Movie Theatre Rewards Card – Our favorite movie theatre gives you free snacks after so many purchases.  We don't go too often but it's still nice to have when we do.
  • DSW Shoes Rewards Card – I've bought a couple pairs of shoes from this store, and they do a program where you get some credit back.  I should check and see what this involves to ensure I need to keep it.
  • Various receipts – I usually stick restaurant receipts and the like in my wallet and clean it out every so often, once I've confirmed that the amount charged (with tips and all) matches what I wrote down.
  • Cash – I currently have $3 that I've had for over three weeks.

I could probably cut a couple of things out, but overall, I think my wallet is pretty clean.

So, what's in your wallet?