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It's been a year since Amazon introduced their Amazon Mom program, where you got an extra 15% off baby items, including the biggest baby item expense of all: diapers!

I signed up a few weeks after the program was introduced and it has been an absolute lifesaver.  I'm curious, though, if anybody that signed up from the get-go knows what Amazon might be doing.

The initial sign-up granted you three months of the extra 15% off items in the subscribe-and-save program (which granted you 15% off to begin with, for a total of 30% off), as well as free Prime benefits so that you could enjoy free 2-day shipping on many items.   You could extend that for up to a full year by making regular purchases in the baby store.  This means that you could earn up to a full year of benefits.

Well, looking at my calender, I can see that we have a few weeks to go, but was wondering if anybody could chime in who was among the first to sign up, which according to what I could see, would have been about a week ago.  Knowing what's happening will certainly help with planning whether we should buy a bunch of stuff before our extra 15% ends.

I guess I would see Amazon's options as:

  • Allow more months to accumulate with the same benefits (extra 15% plus free Prime)
  • Allow the extra 15% to continue but remove the free Prime shipping benefits
  • Make you pay to be part of the program, which could get you the 15% and discounted Prime shipping
  • Let it expire altogether, in which case you'd be back to getting a maximum of 15% off
  • Something else

Anybody who's initial year ran out have any insight on what Amazon is offering?