What’s On Your Amazon Subscribe And Save List

Amazon.  It’s not just for impulse buying, is it?  Nope, they’ve taken it one step further.  With a subscribe and save list, you can have things delivered regularly.  Convenient for you, and a guaranteed income stream for Amazon.  We have a subscribe and save list.  Here are some of the things we currently have, as well as what we’ve used in the past.


This is a great item to put on a subscribe and save list.  You get an automatic 15% off, which is great.  On top of that, diapers are pretty cheap on Amazon to begin with.  Back when we bought diapers regularly, this was our place.  The drawback is that sometimes you can’t predict exactly how many you need.  Also, you can sometimes get caught with too many if sizes change.  Though slightly risky for these reasons, they’re still a great deal.

Batteries – Every 6 months

We use Amazon Basics batteries around our house.  With kids toys, remote controls, smoke alarms and other gadgets, we go through them regularly.  If we don’t need them when our interval comes up, we just postpone the delivery.

Razor Cartridges – Every 6 months

I think Amazon has the best deals on razor cartridge refills.  There have been some reports of counterfeit cartridges being sold on Amazon. We only buy them with Amazon as the seller.  No third party razors in our house!

Hand Lotion – Every 3 months

I suffer from skin eczema.  As such, I have a specific hand lotion that I use.  The cheapest place I’ve found it is on Amazon.  Since I buy it anyway, why not save a few extra percent?

Shoe Inserts – Every 4 months

I have had plantar fasciitis in the past.  Ever since then, I put inserts in my shoes for extra support.  They wear out after awhile, so I automatically get a new supply every few months.  Not only does it save money, but I don’t have to be reminded to change them.

Pantry Items – Occasionally

Once in a while, Amazon has a great deal on food items.  Some examples are cups of macaroni and cheese or bagged candy.  If you find a great deal, you can sometimes make it better by adding to your subscribe and save list.  This typically works only when your monthly ship date is coming due.  Otherwise, if they run out or return the price to normal, you can miss out.  Typically, with these deals, I subscribe and then cancel immediately after shipment.

This is a pretty boring list, but that’s OK.  A big subscribe and save list means you’re spending money regularly.  One big risk with a subscribe and save list is that you might forget to cancel items.  Amazon sends a reminder e-mail, and if you don’t cancel the items, they process the order.  There was one time I forgot to modify my subscriptions.  Luckily I remembered the morning after the cutoff, and was able to cancel most of the items.

I’m guessing that Amazon probably counts on some of their sales from people forgetting.

Readers, what is on your Amazon subscribe and save list?  Do you use this feature or is it too much trouble?  Please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “What’s On Your Amazon Subscribe And Save List”

  1. Subscribing to things like this is agin’ my cheapskate principles. 😀 Looks like a good idea, though, when you know the rate at which you use specific items. Hereabouts, I kinda achieve the same result by purchasing lifetime supplies of things like these from the redoubtable local Costco. Bonus: their employees love working there….for good reason.

  2. I order from Amazon ALL THE TIME..but never used their subscribe and save system. My best friend has been using it for a while and has nothing but rave reviews. I may just try it out in the new year!!!!

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