What’s With Dairy Prices?

I’m not sure if it’s just our store or if it’s a widespread thing, but I’ve noticed that dairy prices have been sneaking up.

Our grocery store of choice is Meijer, a Michigan based chain.

Our four main dairy purchases consist of: Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream, and Cheese. I haven’t really noticed what, if anything, has been changing what regards to price of cheese, but I’ve noticed a steady sneak-up in prices in the other three categories:


Our family drinks a lot of milk.  Both my wife and I were raised to drink milk and have carried into adulthood the habit of drinking a glass of milk with dinner.  Little Boy Beagle also drinks milk.  As such we get at least two gallons per week.  Last year, the ‘regular’ price for the store branded gallon of milk was $2.49 but could usually be had for $1.99.  Now, the regular price seems to be $2.79 – $2.99 with a ‘sale’ consisting of a $2.49 price.

Price increase: Approximately 15-20%


My wife and I buy individual yogurt cups.  I’ve written before about how my favorite is the Meijer branded yogurt.  A year ago the regular price was $0.40 per cup, and you could often find them on sale for $0.30 per cup.  Now, the regular price has been set at $0.50 per cup and a sale is the old regular price of $0.40.

Price increase: 25-33%

Ice Cream

Our favorite summertime treat is a bowl of ice cream, which we’ll have a couple of times per week.  Not only did Meijer sadly hop on the shrinking ice cream container bandwagon, going from 2 quarts to 1.75 quarts (which still beats Edy’s, which went from 2 quarts to 1.75 quarts, and THEN went to 1.5 quarts – FAIL!!!!), but they’ve increased the price.  Last year, a 2 quart container sold for $2.50.  This year, a 1.75 quart container sells for $3.09.

Price increase: Approximately 20%


Looking at a ‘typical’ week, that would consist of two gallons of milk, fourteen yogurt cups, and one container of ice cream.  Last year, at regular prices, this would have cost roughly $13.08.  This year, the same shopping list would cost $15.67.  That’s a 20% increase in the cost of our dairy related items!

And all the talk I hear is about how we’re heading towards deflation!  While that might be true in some cases, that definitely isn’t holding true around the dairy case!

What gives?  Is this a Meijer thing or has anybody else been noticing a steady uptick in the price of dairy related items?

6 thoughts on “What’s With Dairy Prices?”

  1. It must be your local Meijer. I still get milk on sale for $1.99 or $2 4epending on which sale they run. Course it's every other week so you have to get on the right schedule. As for the ice cream they've had it for $2.50 a few times lately. Haven't looked at the prices lately for yogurt. I have noticed that sometimes the different stores have their stuff on sale at different times as I shop at the Plainwell, MI and Bollingbrook, IL stores. Also they al do clearance stuff differently according to Dad who works for them. You may want to see if there is another Meijer close by and see if they are charging the same prices.

  2. Pretty interesting observation especially in the face of all the deflation talk as you mention. The other thing I've noticed is that prices have Walmart have been going up drastically as well. Pretty crazy!

  3. That is odd… I can see egg prices going up, but dairy?

    I wonder if milk exports to foreign countries are on the rise? Maybe China?

  4. Think about this…Remember what you paid for a gallon of milk 5 years ago? 10 years ago. It was right around $2.00 a gallon then. Milk is still one of the best values for nutritious food for your diet that can be found in the supermarkets.

  5. Buy Organic. Quit being cheap about buying food that is laced with very toxic chemicals. Also, quit supporting companies that abuse animals to provide cheap food to cheap Americans.

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