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A few weeks back (on Friday the 13th, appropriately enough), Jana from Daily Money Shot revealed what her biggest financial horror would be.  I thought I'd give it a try.

The obvious stuff (losing all your investments or something that would wipe out everything) is excluded because, well, it's too obvious.

I thought I'd drop in the one thing that gives me a near panic attack at least once every couple of weeks:

Losing my wedding ring.

See, here's the deal.

I am not one of those guys that leaves their ring on 24×7.  I love having it on but I don't wear it to bed and I take it off when I'm doing outside work or other ‘involved' work where it could get damaged or lost.

And the lost part is the worrisome part.

See, when I got married I was probably around 165 pounds or so.  I actually gained a few pounds over the first couple years of being married, and the ring always fit me fine.

Over the past 2-3 years, though, I've gradually lost some weight.  Not enough at one time to be noticeable, but over time I've dropped nearly 20 pounds, to where I'm now around 153.

As such, my ring isn't loose where it's going to fall off, but it's also not ultra snug.

Last month, we had a couple of trees removed from the backyard, mainly because one was pretty well dead.  The tree trimmer chipped up the pieces so that I could use them as mulch in the planting beds and such on our property.

For three days, I was busy with a shovel, rake and wheelbarrow transporting the mulch from a huge pile in the driveway all around the house and such.  I wore outside gloves, but when you're dealing with tiny pieces of wood, I found myself taking them off and shaking them out every fifteen minutes or so.

After a couple of hours and probably ten shakes on the first day of work, I realized that I didn't have my wedding ring on.  My heart immediately started racing as I knew that if I lost my ring during this type of task, it would literally be like finding a needle in a haystack as the ring could be anywhere…the remaining pile of mulch, anywhere I had done, or anywhere along the way where I might have shaken out my gloves.  Logic told me that I had probably taken it off before I went outside, but I had to stop work, take off my dirty shoes and socks, brush off, and go inside to check.

Sure enough, the ring was in our bathroom, right next to the sink.

Next day, same thing happens.  This time, the panic hit me right when my wife was bringing the kids outside to play.  I practically knocked her over as I ran inside to do my check.  Sure enough, the ring was still there.

On the third day, I actually walked by my wife on the way out and said to her “My ring is upstairs in the bathroom” right before I left.  She was like O……kay.   Later on, I explained to her that by speaking the words, I actually remembered throughout the time I was working that I had put the ring in a safe spot.

I think the fact that I don't wear the ring consistently makes it harder for me to keep track of it, especially since when I take it off, I'm usually in middle of changing or getting ready to work outside or something else that is taking part of the attention away that would normally make it a lasting memory.

I'm hesitant to get the ring re-sized, only because I know that I'm sneaking up to the age of 40 and that's typically a time where your body starts sneaking those lost pounds back on.  Plus, it's not loose enough to where I ever have to worry about it falling off without it being pulled off by something.

Outside of the obvious, what is your financial horror?