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A lot of money can be saved by doing small repairs around your house yourself instead of calling in a professional.

One of the items I see listed a lot (and with good reason as it's easy) is to fix your own toilet when it starts to leak.  It's a pretty painless process but one of the steps that is critical involves turning off the water supply, then turning it back on.

It seems pretty easy and straightforward, but I've learned that there can sometimes be a little more to this step than meets the eye.

Often, when a water valve such as a toilet is left in the same position for months or even years at a time, turning it will often create a small leak where it will start dripping right above the handle that you just turned.

This can be very alarming.  I know it was for me the first couple of times it happened.  I thought that once I turned it back on the drip might stop, but it didn't.

Turns out it's a rather easy fix.  You just need to tighten the nut right above the handle.  For whatever reason, when it sits for that long, it just needs a little tightening once the valve is turned.  Usually no more than a quarter turn is necessary and the leak will go away.

This is especially important to note when you're working under a sink.  Leaks there might not be as noticeable as a puddle that would develop under a toilet, so you want to make sure to check for any water before you close the cabinet, otherwise you could inadvertantly create quite a bit of damage under your cabinets.

Hopefully this little tidbit helps.  Just know that the ‘Turn Water Off' and ‘Turn Water On' seem like the easiest part of the repair, but they just might require a little more than that.