When Taking Twice As Long To Do Something Is Just Fine

We are in a neighborhood with a lot of mature trees.  As such, we have a lot of leaves come fall.  Raking and jumping in leaves is definitely on our agenda.  I try to mow the leaves to mulch them back into the yard, but there’s always a couple of weeks where they fall too fast and furious.  In these cases, the amount of leaves is just too much.

Leaf Cleanup

Usually, there’s two weekends per year that we have to clean up the leaves.  Other neighbors let everything fall and then deal with one massive cleanup, where other neighbors are out every couple of days.  Two clean ups is the number we’ve settled on and that works just great for us.

We did our clean ups on two successive weekends.  The times that it took to clean up and how many yard bags we mb-2015-11-rakefilled were as follows:

Weekend 1: 1.5 hours / 12 bags
Weekend 2: 3.0 hours / 7 bags

You could look at it and say it was a great cleanup.  And it was!  We spent half the time, and ended up getting nearly twice as much bagged.  From an efficiency perspective, it was probably the best it’s ever worked out.

But, ask me which clean up I’d prefer if given the chance to pick, and I’m going to pick Weekend 2 every time.


Because that’s the weekend that our kids went jumping in leaves!

And, did they ever have fun!

The first weekend, the kids were at their grandparents, so the clean up was quick, and I was able to bag it as I got the leaves into piles.

The second weekend, though, the kids were around, and they love playing in the leaves.  So, I got the leaves into piles, and cleaned up everything around them.

They had a blast in the leaf piles.  They jumped in them, they had leaf wars, my son jumped from the swing set into a pile of leaves.

Watching them made the extra time worth it and then some!  I’ll add that extra hour and a half to every leaf clean up for as long as I can, that’s a promise!

Readers, when was the last time you jumped in a big old pile of leaves, or got to hear the joyous sounds of someone doing just that?  

4 thoughts on “When Taking Twice As Long To Do Something Is Just Fine”

  1. We don’t get many dried leaves in our lawn but I agree that If kids are involved, it is definitely worth the extra effort and time to accommodate their happiness. That happens when I’m baking something, I get my kid to help me out in the kitchen by measuring ingredients and mixing the batter and then eventually spooning it out into the container, ready for baking. Yes, it takes longer and there is a bigger mess to be cleaned up later, but its worth excitement on the child’s face! And you know what, it’s pure entertainment for the kids and it doesn’t cost a penny!

    • Yes, helping in the kitchen is fun, as well. When I have the kids to myself I will often do simple meals, like mac & cheese, and will let them help get things prepared. They get a kick out of it, and I do too, of course!

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