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Have you ever had a lost credit card?  What about if it wasn't lost but more so just misplaced?  What do you do?

Our Night Out

Several weeks ago, we went to the last of our country concerts for the year, as we went to see Luke Bryan in downtown Detroit.  It was a great show and we had a great time.  After we were done, we went to a couple of nearby bars to finish off the celebration.  We capped things off with an Uber ride home.

All in all, it was a great night, and I thought that was the end of it.

But, it wasn't.

The next day, we were running some errands and the first stop we had to make was to get gas.

We use our Costco American Express card to get gas, as it provides 3% cash back.

I went to get it out of my wallet, and realized that it wasn't there.


I immediately thought back to the previous night and had an idea of what had happened.

See, we also use the card at restaurants because it offers 2% cash back for dining purchases.  Knowing that we'd gone out the previous night, I know I had likely used it then.

Since my wife was there, I grabbed her card to complete the gas purchase, and while the gas was pumping, I logged into my American Express account to take a look at all my activity.  It was pretty cool to see that the gas purchase was already noted as in progress.  But, it also showed that the last time I'd used my card was the previous night at one of the bars.

Tracking Down The Lost Credit Card

mb-2015-02-oopsThinking about the way it all went down, I remember buying a round of drinks at the bar, and carrying it back to our table.  There were four of us, so I had to make two trips.  I specifically remembered having to grab the receipt and the card from the bartender, and carry it along with the first two drinks, then rush back to grab the other two.

Thinking back, I was sure that I'd set the card down on the table along with the receipt.  That means I'd likely left it there.

I decided not to call American Express right away, since no activity had gone on the card.  I did keep checking every so often and no activity was showing up.

Later, after we got home, I called down to the bar.  The first call did not go through to anybody, even though I was pretty sure they were open.  I left a message and never got a call back.

I called back a little while later and got a hold of someone that offered to check, but didn't really instill the level of confidence that I was looking for.  So, when he told me that he couldn't find it, I accepted it but wasn't really all that sure that I was ready to end the fight.

Another Unrelated Reason We Held Off

Now, I could have easily called American Express and reported the card as missing, and gotten a new card issued with a new number, but I chose to wait it out, and it had to do with a reason that I'm pretty sure most of you wouldn't guess.

It was because of our planned trip to Disney World.

The American Express card had been used to pay for just about every aspect of our trip.  It was also linked to our Magic Bands, which we already had in our possession.  Those are little bands that you were that have a chip that basically gets you everything that you need from accessing the park to your hotel to including your payment.

We also had booked everything except our flight with the card.

In short, we wanted to avoid the hassle of things having to be all changed around.

So, I continued to check my account information, and decided to call back the next day.  This time, I spoke to the manager, and she went to look for it and reported that…they had found the card!

They offered to send it to me, and within a couple days, I had the card back in my possession.

No Harm Done

Was it risky?  Sure.  Would I have taken the risk had I not had an inkling of where the card was as soon as I found it wasn't in my wallet, or had I not had access to check the card activity at a moment's notice?  No way.  Would I have just taken the simple method and gotten a replacement card had we not had the Disney association?  I probably would have.

In the end, it was a little extra stress and it all worked out.  I know I got lucky in that someone found the card and did the right thing.  It could have gone a lot of other different ways, but I'm glad it didn't.

Readers, what do you think of the risk that I took?  Should I have cancelled the card the moment I realized it was missing or was my hunch and the availability of technology a proper mitigation in the short term?  What would you have done?